can you use a reverse controller with this

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    A question About dog bone layouts and reverse loops

    attached is an idea i have for my layout. my question is can I have the crossover and use a reversing loop controller if i isolate the whole section from the crossover left? I hope this makes sense.


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  2. Bill Nelson

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    I think that would work, but then I don't understand half of what I know about DCC.

    I'm struggling to understand DCC myself, working with it only at the club.

    It is cool to be able to work a yard with multiple locomotives at once, but in most cases you need some separation of your trains for saftey reasons, and a well set up block system does that.

    for me sound is the best reason to play with DCC, it is just too much fun to ring the bell and blow the whistle. hopefully we will hear from someone more knowledgeable than I.

    after all I think DCC runs by FM (F****** Magic).

    Bill Nelson

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