Can someone make a tutorial on 3d airplane modeling with Sketchup?

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by PModel Rookie, May 10, 2009.

  1. PModel Rookie

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    I looked on the internet with sketchup tutorials,find some but I can't really understand them for making a 3d plane model(my bad english).So,can some of you experts make a tutorial on 3d modeling with Sketchup?Or,if some of you guys found a tutorial on making a 3d plane model with sketchup on the net,post the link,please.

    Help is appreciated,
    Please and thanks,
  2. Dragos

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  3. Rick Thomson

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    I'm fairly certain someone has started one, but not sure where. you might try
  4. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

  5. PModel Rookie

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    Dragos,I've translated the site to english but it makes it more confusing,despite my bad english...sorry...

    And D-WHALE,Where to get 'invisible' background plan?It makes it more easier to be honest...but I think I need is the use of each tools...and basic cylinder how to make a shape like a rocket(that the size of each part of cylinder is constantly changing)...the link that Leif Ohlsson gave I think it's about the unfolding plugin for sketchup...If I'm not mistaken...

    I'll try and see if I found anything...
  6. D-WHALE

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    Maybe you can ask Leif by yourself! I have no ideas about sketchup!
  7. PModel Rookie

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    Well,I didn't get what I wanted there...but I'll try understanding the site dragos link to me...

    I'm a bit shy around strangers,you know...I'll try understanding dragos's link somehow...
  8. Dragos

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    I will try to make it in english , just a little pacience. :mrgreen::mrgreen:
  9. ssmeier

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    SketchUp - from 3-view to flying model plan - Unfold

    When using SketchUp to make a model airplane, these links can be helpful:
    View the videos by Crash, kram242 and AnyAirRc of them using SketchUp
    to create 3D models of aircraft, then unfolding the model to have flat
    parts to print as patterns to cut out the actually flying RC model
    Must have Sketchup Scripts/Plugins - these are used in the above
    Examples: jf_unfoldtool.rb, progressbar.rb, weld.rb,
    repair_broken_lines.rb, Slicer3.rb
    SketchUp screenshots of F6F Hellcat and FW-190 unfolded, ready to print.
    This thread is for "free (SketchUp) models of RC components to use in
    their mock ups."
    This thread is "Using google Sketchup for modeling... With practical
    examples". It explains how to import a 3-view, create the SketchUp
    drawing, and how to print it out to scale.

  10. PModel Rookie

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    ssmeier,those link look like useful.I'll try them.


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