can i has PLZ-230'F'??

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  1. bigemugamer

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    So while getting into my new paper craft hobby, i by chance came across this awesome polish fighter-plane, the PLZ-230F



    Pictured above is the PLZ-230F second variant while the picture below is the PLZ-230 variant, the 230 was the original design, and i already have the 230 but I want the 230"F" variant (looks like a chibi SR-71, =3 ) if anyone can find it id be grateful.


    DO NOT WANT THE 230 BUT WANT THE 230"F" (just to make sure thx)
  2. Zathros

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    I had never heard of this aircraft till today. That has to be one of the best things of this hobby. I don't think it would be that hard to make out of paper either.

    I think the plane below exemplifies why private industry can trump a whole governments attempt (any governments). Below is the Rutan Ares. This craft is somewhat amazing, for the little time and investment put into it. I think if you use canards, you should not have to use elevators, one or the other, but not both! This plane has already flown, put through it's paces, and declined. I think the days for close support are over as every one wants accurate stand off, "keep pilots out of harm's way" weapons. Sounds good, I hope it works. I would like to see NASA develop engines for Space Travel, I don't trust "no name corporations" that much.

    Nice find on the PLZ-230F, I wonder who gets to keep the mock up! :)

  3. bigemugamer

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    I think its sitting in a hanger somewhere, though its questioned why its not in a museum.

    That'sa neat little plane you've shone us to Zathros, i always love these radical concept planes that people design or build (im a big fan of German WWII concept planes), that's why i was so surprised when i found the PLZ-230, it does have its own Wiki page though. The polish created a real winner here, its only because of a change of government that the project was cancelled, poor little chibi plane :(

    EDIT: I finally got around to watching the video for your little flyer, and what an insanely powerful gun to put on such a little aircraft, a general electric GAU-12 (25mm rounds) Gatling gun?! Those guns are usually found on American harriers, AC-130's and AH-1 cobra attack choppers, it was modeled after the GAU-8 (30mm rounds), the largest gun ever put on an aircraft, the A-10 warthog.

    I like the footage at time index 1:48 when the ARES fires that GAU-12 monster, the whole aircraft noticeably jolts from the recoil.
  4. Zathros

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    I thought you would get a kick out of that. I wonder if that craft might not return as a drone of some sort. It was intended as a ground support craft. I find it amazing how Rutan can make something like that without all the Hub Bub of so many other companies, countries, or other organizations. He just makes it, and it works, amazing really. I think he is going to do the same thing with his Space Craft, and other will follow too. America will have groups of people, out in the desert or other wilderness areas, making spacecraft.

    In Star Trek the character Zefram Cochrane makes the first Warp capable craft, with a small group of people out in the Pacific Northwest. That doesn't sound so implausible. It may be the way something of that magnitude happens. It could also be the way a disaster of an unknown magnitude happens. There's always 2 sides to these things, sometimes 3 or more. :)

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