Can I get your input please on new HO layout?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by jasbourre, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. jasbourre

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    Scale: HO
    Dimensions: 11' by 6'

    After many months of starring at a blank table top. Putting track on, and taking it of again, I finally come up with a plan I like.
    First of sorry about the ruff sketch, I had a hard time trying to use designing software but this is my layout in a nutshell.
    Two ovals; with the outside oval going to the inside one. The inside oval has a passing lane, and goes to a small yard
    The section in red is the elevation.
    Can you see any sections that can be improved? :wave:

  2. shortliner

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    Jas - no picture, only a little red Xin a white box
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
  3. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I too only see the red X. Could you please try re-posting your layout plan Jasbourre
  4. jasbourre

    jasbourre Member

    Can you see it know

  5. Tileguy

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    I dont like to discourage anyone but this plan lacks so much I dont know where to start.
    I'm sure you spent alot of time on this.
    We all have drawn and redrawn plans, some of us for years and some of us do it just for fun.

    Perhaps we need to take a look at what you want to model, what Era, and if this is just a go around in circles display type layout or something you would like to operate as a miniature transportation system.

    Your goals for your layout, the type of equipment you would like to run etc are all helpful.

    Please dont take this wrong, I just couldnt find an easier way to say " Lets start from the beginning" :)
  6. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Can you provide us with some more info as per Tileguy's request... Knowing more about what you want to do would help a great deal.

  7. KCS

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    I like the concept except I do spot a big problem. Take a train leaving the yard on the far left hand side and start on the run once you reach the inter loop you have no way to get back out of it and the same for the "redline" loop except to back out the way you pulled in. Just a thought but I would find a way to connect those two loops to where you can access them in either direction and have one track running from the main to the inner most yard track. I have added a couple things (in green boxs) to the design if this is the layout that's just my opinion. If you wish to stick with but I see these add-in's to help. I think I missed something and I can't pin-point it but it's a basic idea.

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