Can I get 220 volt equipment to build my new layout?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Rabdy Gaudet, May 2, 2001.

  1. Rabdy Gaudet

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    I am living in Thailand and very interested in building my HO layout that I already designed. We have 220 volts here and the nearest hobby shop is 500 miles away. I need all the help I can get to start railroading. I have read many articles and visited many hobbie shop web sites where i will have to buy most of what I need. The on line shops confuse me as there is so much too choose from. Right now I am interested in purchasing track, power supply and related wiring equipment. I would also like to go DCC which means I will need to go all-live wiring. Where do I start? My layout is similar to Jim Hedigers NJ&ERR - 1956 that can be seen in the Dec. 2000 issue of Model Railroader page 35.I have all the tools and my board 4'X9' is ready to go.
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    I'm in Sydney, and we run on 220-240 volts. There are plenty of sites I would trust here to order your equipment. Plugs will be different, but one of those travel converters should suit you fine. My supplier is Tom's Discount Hobby Warehouse in West Ryde (Sydney). Good prices, and can order through the web.
    They also make the Austrain brand of engines and rolling stock (not much use for you in Thailand!) but have a good selection of worldwide prototypes.

    For DCC equipment, try
    I intend to purchase my DCC stuff from them when I have the money!. They are in Bankstown (Sydney). All their stuff works with 220-240 volts. My layout is similar size to yours, and I've set up a website for it.

    Where in Thailand are you?

  3. Rabdy Gaudet

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    Hi Woodie,

    My real name is Randy but when I signed in to the forum I hit the b instead of the n. Anyway I live in Chiangmai. I think I will need to purchase a 220 to 110 volt converter as the prices in the US are very cheap when purchasing over the internet. I also have to watch about duty tax for shippments into Thailand by post. I have many friends in the US who come over to visit and I can have them bring stuff in their luggage and no duty problems.

    I checked out your web site, good job.

    For rolling stock I want to have the period of 1945 - 1960 in the Southwest US. I need to purchase engines such as the F3A+B, Alco PA-1, F9, 4-8-4 Daylight, GP-9 and GP-18. Cars will include log and coal haulers along passanger and standard freight. I will have a logging camp and coal elevators, cattle stock yards and 2 passanger depots.

    Suggestions from anyone will be welcome.


  4. Woodie

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    Seems like you've worked it out well what you want. And all on a 4' X 9' board!!! Keep us informed [​IMG]


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