can anyone recomend a good glue?

Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by radar*293, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. papernovice

    papernovice New Member

    Herkules is going to glue us everyone
  2. papernovice

    papernovice New Member

    he¨rkules is going to glue us everyone
  3. Chesso2001

    Chesso2001 New Member

    I'm using copydex but mostly cos I have it anyway :) Bit stringy tho lol
  4. jacksparrow

    jacksparrow Member

    So much different kinds of glue...
    I used to use Elmers school glue, but switched in favor of Elmers Tacky glue which works great for me. And I used to use regular paper, but then changed to cardstock.
  5. majo

    majo New Member

    I use Resistol 850.
    Sticks better for me. And find it quite innexpensive and usefull
  6. wildheart258

    wildheart258 New Member

    After teaching my 10 year old son a little about helps to have the right glue, but using it properly is just as important (if not more). SPARINGLY is the rule!
  7. PaperDog71

    PaperDog71 New Member

    Didn't see this glue mentioned

    All the glues mentioned and I didn't see the one I use so I'm chiming in. I use Elmer's Craft Bond Paper Craft Glue Gel. I squirt a bit onto a plastic dish and use toothpicks to dab and/or smear it only where I need it. Starts to set up fairly quickly on joints and tabs and the tackiness of it helps a lot. Allows you to keep gluing stuff without letting each joint dry completely first like with some other glues. I get it at my local Hobby Lobby.

    Happy Modeling! Cheers!
  8. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

    For white glue. I'll recommend Aleene's Acid-Free Tacky Glue. It hold fast! Almost like super glue for paper. I love it!

    For rubber cement, I'll recommend Best-Test Paper Cement. Cost about 6 ~ 7 x more then Elmer's rubber cement. But, it is the best. + it is also acid free. You do know acid free glues don't yellow paper in time, right?

    I will not recommend Elmer's glues. Stick, Clear Gel, White Glue, Rubber Cement, whatever. Tried them all, Don't like them at all! Only thing Elmer's glues got going for them is it is cheaper in price. For kids doing craft in school, Elmer's glues are ok. Other then that, Elmer's glues really sux for card modelers. Stay away from Elmer. Pay a little more for the best stuff, Aleene's or Best-Test.
  9. treker2557

    treker2557 New Member

    I've been using Gorilla super glue. It's alittle pricey but the bottle goes along way. Just a dot or two on the fold, press, hold a few seconds, and done. It's great!
  10. misteree

    misteree New Member

    I use Blu Glue, Tarzans Grip and PVA craft glue depending on the speed or slideability I need. I find pressure, either from fingers or even tweezers helps the glue "grab".
  11. barad

    barad New Member

    Good point. Don't use too much glue.

    I like to use PVA and spread very thin, doesn't over-wet the area, bonds quickly and stays stuck.
  12. luciencarroll

    luciencarroll Grand Poobah

    I would like to retract my previous indorsment of rubber cement. It still stands up extremely well for laminating but I have found after two years the more complex joints have begun to separate. However the Elmer's white is still great.
  13. KrashKing405

    KrashKing405 New Member

    I tend to use just the old school cheap Elmers myself. I use the bottom 2" of a water bottle to hold what I'm using. I tend to dispense about a peanut size amount at any time.
  14. Epsilon 9

    Epsilon 9 New Member

    I guess I should dig out that elmers bottle then after all.
  15. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    ELmers is the worse glue to use. Use ZIP DRY Paper Glue and UHU Brand glue, both available at Michael's Craft Stores.

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  16. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Oh jeez - NO elmers is absolutely the right suggestion! Those are great suggestions for CA type glue and the UHU is what I use when I need it. I like white glue myself. I love Aileens tacky glue in the gold bottle from walmart. If you want it to set a little faster try the silver bottle. I personally need the fudge time from the gold bottle (plus its a little more forgiving when I get my kids involved!)
  17. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Elmers is really good when you want to soft the a wingtip, because it penetrates the paper, it allows for some pretty nice forming. It does have it purposes. The Yellow Industrial ELmers is incredibly strong. Kids involved is another issue I did not think about and Chris is right on that. These considerations must always be taken in. Also, if you a pigment glue,you won't have to worry bout colors running.

    Good Advice Chris!!
  18. Epsilon 9

    Epsilon 9 New Member

    I swear I have some of that UHU stuff somewhere in my house.

    I shall find it!
  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I would like to say that ZIP DRY works very well when gluing plastic to cardboard. 2 years after gluing in some rather large plastic windows into a ship, there is no sign of separation. I put a couple of holes in the plastic to allow the glue to go into the holes and come out the other side. This acts like little glue rivets. :)
  20. RickTNRebel

    RickTNRebel New Member

    I don't even want to begin to count all of the glues, adhesives and cements I have in my shop supply cabinet! Each has different uses in modeling and I'm always picking up more and experimenting with them. Watch that "gorilla" glue suggestion, that stuff "foams" up and pushes your joint apart, or foams out of the joint. It does have uses, but NOT as a general purpose card model adhesive. My favorite general pupose card model glues are (1) Scotch quick dry Tacky Adhesive by 3-M. (2) Weldbond, a Canadian adhesive, much better than Elmers. (3) Aleene's original (gold bottle) Tacky glue. (4) Zap cynoacrylates, various. Good Luck!

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