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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by ajrichardson, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. ajrichardson

    ajrichardson New Member

    Hi i'm having problems starting my orian .26 engine for my savage . the problem is after about 1 hour sorting out the bottom end and top end its starts for about 5 minutes , then it stops and will not start for the rest of the day which is quite frustrating . I have taken it back to the shop where I brough it and told him the problem , all he does is start it the once after playing with the screws about 20 minutes , runs it for about 1 minute and say its fine just leave them as they are now. which as always when I get it home never starts. ( think he just wants to sell and that be the end of it ). Its not that I live close to the shop ( 5 miles and I dont drive ).I'm using 20/25% fuel and the right glow plug. The engine has only done 2 tanks so I have not even had the chance to open her up . to be honest the car just been standing there for 2 months as I have got that annoyed with it . But I have spent so much money on her I just want to be able to enjoy racing about ( crashing )

    Here hoping you can help .

    p.s if you could send any info you have or you think may help me in my dream of being able to fix things my self to : it would be received with open arms .



  2. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    Go back to the begining, reset all needles as they were from the factory, new glow plug, and make sure you don't have any leaks in the engine. Never adjust mixture needles more than a 1/4 turn at a time and never adjust 2 needles at a time. If you still have the same problem check the piston to sleeve fit (pulling the out of the engine) the piston should not slide all the way to the top of the sleeve, if it does, it's needs a new one.
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