Can a RC Boat be used in a Swimming pool chlorinated with a salt system?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by stanholio13, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. stanholio13

    stanholio13 New Member

    Many manufactures of RC boats say "Do not use in salt water".Does this apply to a swimming pool chlorinated with a salt system? The salt is broken down into chlorine.
  2. liquidus

    liquidus New Member

    yeah why not, water is water, unless ur boat uses some kind of organic salmon based propulsion system that works by filtering pure water.... tut tut tut think about it
  3. urbancoyote

    urbancoyote New Member

    If the WATER tastes salty, don't put the RC boat in it. But if the water tastes like fresh water, it is OK for the RC boat.
  4. scubabob

    scubabob New Member

    The salinity of a salt water generated pool is in the 2500- 3500 ppm range. If you're Julia Child and an excellent cook, you might taste it. The salinity isn't corrosive to pool heaters or ladders and such, so ought to be just fine for that RC boat, even if it is water cooled like mine is.
  5. exbuilder

    exbuilder New Member

    You shouldn't have any problem. Just make sure you rinse the boat with fresh water after using in salt water. Salt water will cause metal parts to corrode faster than fresh water. Good luck with your RC boat.
  6. sfdegdgg

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