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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by 60103, Jun 19, 2007.

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    The title probably says it all. This thread should be a guide to either desirable destinations or places to avoid. :mrgreen:
    We just bought a new motorhome and took it on a break in trip. We stayed at 2 campgrounds where we could hear trains but couldn't walk out to see them.
    Kingston, Ont. Rideau Acres Camping Resort, Hwy 401 and 15. CNR tracks run between the Campground and Hwy 401. Could trainwatch with a car or bicycle. Frequent service.
    Ottawa, Ont. Ottawa Municipal Campground, Hwy 417 near 416. OC tracks run close to grounds; could trainwatch with a bicycle. Daily service.
    (from previous trips:)
    Monroe, MI. Harbortown RV Resort. I75 & La Plaisance Rd. Two different Railroads run close to the camp; trains can be seen if you have a southwest view. These are the lines between Detroit and Toledo.

    I'm interested in getting the name of a camp along the I75 (in Ohio, maybe) that's located between the I75 and a railroad; the railroad runs the other side of the road that leads to the camp.
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    Oastler Lake PP is just across 69 from CN and CP's transcontinental lines.

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    Nice find Mikey! This is a great thread David. Squidbait, thanks for your contribution!
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    That would be Canadian National's Shore Line Subdivision and Norfolk Southern's Detroit Line.

    There's one located just off I-75 at Mortimer that is next to Norfolk Southern's Fostoria District. There is another nearby, Van Buren State Park, that is adjacent to CSX's Toledo Branch Subdivision.
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    Thanks. From the locos I saw, it could have been UP and BNSF. :mrgreen:

    Thanks again.
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    When were you in Ottawa? Got any pictures of what you saw?

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    Andrew: I was there the end of last week. As for trains, I saw a couple of empty level crossings. And a few trains along the CN line as it parallels the 401. But it was a combination of visit old friends and break-in the new motorhome.
    (We talked about the Ottawa campground a couple of years ago. There seem to be 3 or 4 bus lines that zip by on the expressway, but no bus stops within a reasonable walking distance. We had to rent a car and it took us a few tries to find an agency that knew where the campground was and would pick us up.)

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