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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Waldbahner, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Waldbahner

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    Good morning,

    two days ago, I've finished my last version of my West Side Lumber Co.-Layout, showing Camp 24.


    This layout will be build in N std-gauge (I know that the WS was 3' gauge, but I'll make this compomise) with Peco code 55 track.

    The layout will be placed on 5 moduls, each 40x80cm of size.
    Some more informations of my project can be found on my website

    What do you think?

  2. TrainClown

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    I like it. Is there a mill somewhere? Showers? My loggers don't have no showers, they just take a dip in the creek. :D

    TrainClown ;)
  3. Waldbahner

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    The mill will be 25 miles to the left ;-)

    Camp 24 was at the middle of the mainline between Tuolumne and Camp 45.
    In cause of step grades between Tuolumne und Camp 24, the bigger Shays 8, 9 and 10 was normaly used on this side of the mainline. Three other Shays serves the line to Camp 45. Here in Camp 24, the locos interchanged their trains (empties from Tuolumne and loaded from Camp 45). So this Camp will be a busy point in train moves. Here is small animation of interchanging trains.

    My first ideas were to model parts of the complete West Side, to bring logs from the reload in Camp 45 to the mill im Tuolumne. But this would be a real big layout even in N-scale.

    So I've reduced my requirements to my layout. Because of the modular typ, I can expand this layout one day.

    In former days, when the trees were cut in this region, this camp was a small village of loggers. Some cabins has been removed in later yeras. The shower-house, commissary-hall and cookhouse are remainders of this time and at least the cookhouse was used until the line closed in 1961. Note also the boiler beside the showerhouse for hot water.

    For operation, I'll add a fiddle yard to both ends of the layout.

  4. UPJunkie

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    :thumb: I love it :thumb: can't wait to see the Pics of this after you get done with it. When our you going to do the rest of the layout?

    want to see PICS
  5. Waldbahner

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    I can't wait to see first pics too... But we'll have to wait some weeks :-(
    At the moment, I'm working on my rolling stock. 16 cars are finished for my WS. But 32 skeletons are still missing. My actual job is, to scratchbuild 3-truck-Shay #15 out of 1 1/2 Atlas-Shays. Most is done and only the oiltank and tender is missing. Also many detais and lettering.

    But the good news on layout-progress is, that all tracks are here.
  6. Waldbahner

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