Camera mounted on train

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by richalex2010, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Bill Pontin

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    That last picture almost looks like the start of a rotary snow plow, hmmmmmmm
  2. shaygetz

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    I guess in N scale that side exiting wire would be a pain. Though easier, it's not much fun in HO. I've always wondered why they've done it that way. :thumb: :thumb: Love that car :thumb: :thumb: kinda reminds me of a Wonka-vision camera. ;), too cool.
  3. docsnavely

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    This might just be a shot in the dark, or altogether un-practical, but what about making it into a slug?:confused: Recently there was a thread about slugs. You could try to model a slug, and have the camera in it. That way, you could have it dead infront of the loco w/no rivet counters saying that it isn't prototypical. Just my newbie mind thinking. :rolleyes:

  4. Pitchwife

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    Another way that it could be mounted with a little more versitility would be to lay the camera flat so that it was looking straight up and then mount a small mirror at a 45* angle above it. With the right distance and mirror size you wouldn't even know that it wasn't the camera looking directly ahead. The mirror could also be pivoted to get different angles from the train. Record all of the views of different angles highlighting all of the special features and splice them together for a regular movie featuring your layout. :thumb: :thumb: :D :D
  5. dom441

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  6. dom441

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    do u no how to make rodes:) :confused:
  7. dom441

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    how to make roeds:wave: :confused: :mad:
  8. Ralph

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    Hi there dom41 and welcome to The Gauge. I see you're interested in techniques for making roads. Memebers are unlikley to change topics so dramatically in this excellent thread about cameras in trains so I'd encourage you to try a couple of ways to get the info you want. We have a lot of great resources here so try hitting the "search" button at the top of the page in the tool bar and type in "roads". You should get access to several past threads about that. You can also start your own thread and ask your question there!
    Good luck in your search!

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