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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by allhallowseve, Dec 21, 2006.

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    That's funny how we find by accident. Keep finding 'em, maybe one day this site will have all the ones out there posted.

    I happened to do the same thing when I stumbled accross the lambo posted here. I was just searching for some blueprint type pics for another future project. and "POW", "BAM", "BOOM", "SCREEEECH!" WOW!!!! There it was.

    Hey that's how I've found tons of items over the few years I've been collecting/modeling in paper/card. Sorry guys would post links to the original authors but didn't usually save them when I started and some have long since disappeared. Others are aslready listed on this forum.
  3. blitzer

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    Great find! That was the first (and still the best) anime I was exposed to! Each team member also had a seperate small ship didn't they (except for the fat guy who had a big ship).
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  5. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Thanks for the Link!

    That was one of the best of the Cartoons from that era.

  6. doc_harvey

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    Thanks very much for the link! I have a different copy that was sent to me some time ago, but the coloration was WAY off, and I never bothered trying to build it. This one is much, much better. Thanks again.
  7. Stev0

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    Damn ... I was almost finished my version too.

  8. Bad_Scorpion

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    See, Stev0 I told you "great minds think a like." Post yours anyway evryone that likes this one I'm sure will appreciate it.
    And how about the others to go with it:twisted: hint hint:twisted:
  9. Stev0

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    I was thinking about the others but could not find good references as per usual. Also it's a matter of having them all separate or having them fit together. Jason's car would be difficult.
  10. Bad_Scorpion

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    How aobut trying to do a version all together and then one seperate. I think that's what I'll end up having to do with my Alpha/Beta units for the old robotech/macross/Mospeada or which ever one it was again. But doing transformable versions just ins't working out as I had planned but trying another approach on it now. Rhino is aiding in ways I didn't expect with this particular one. Anyway getting side tracked here. But maybe try doing the different versions seperately would be best might also make it a little more builder freindly as well. Sorry about the pics though I haven't run across any that would be useful.
  11. Getter1

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    I found this version by accident. When I saw the model in this link I was drooling but like Ziga I couldn't find any links or infromation on where to get the kit. THe other night I was searching for refrence material on the phoeninx and an E-Bay auction came up and there it was the model form the link posted by Ziga!!!:D!!! The designer sells it in a book form as a printed kit. I bought a copy from him on E-Bay, I don't know if he sells through any other distributor. THe printing is of great quality and the instructions are all in Chineese but easy to follow :) It's a great buy and from what I can see the best paper model of the Phoenix so far.

    Here's a link to the auction I got mine form. Sadly only 1 avaliable now but hopefully he'll put up more when it's bought.

    Getter 1
  12. Getter1

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    Hello All,

    The auction I posted above is over but I found out he olyl puts 2 up at a time.

    Here's another one avaliable,

    If you miss it don't worry. Just do a search of Godphoenix and it will bring up a current auction. If you don't find one wait half a day for him to put up a new set.

    I know a lot of you are leary of E-Bay pirrates but this seller is also the designer. He sells the kit for $4 plus shipping ($5 to the US). Get it, it's awesome :D

    Getter 1

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