Calling All Disney-related Cardmodels!

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Trader Sam, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Both Stitch and Buzz were by Civi Cheng of, but he stopped distributing them. I believe for copyright reasons, after all, he is a commercial artist ands needs to be careful about such things.
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    Not to hi-jack the thread, but would anyone know if any of the planes from Tail Spin are available as card models? Especially the Seaduck. I always looked forward to watching the cartoon every day after school.
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    Yeah, I've built that one. A friend scanned the pages, and I cleaned them up & adjusted them to fit on 8.5x11 paper. That thing is light as a feather, but it's as solid as a rock! Now that I have a physical reference of the castle, I hope to design my own version--and as any of you who have built my models knows, I generally like to work big.:wink:

    Those plane models are nice. I'm looking for any models that have to do with Disney (film, animation, theme parks, etc.), so don't hold back.
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    that's how I built it too. only I got an orginal model book from ebay. somebody had it in a collection of needlecraft books!!! I got it for $5.

    BTW, Congrats on the Disney Gig, I'm green with envy.


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    I must say, my head shrinking friend, that your models are the best. AND you probably have the coolest job I could imagine! Sorry I have no input on your question though. Just wanted to say Hi.
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    You work for YOURSELF! That was my point. I know you are not employed by or affiliated with, The Mouse!
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    I thought your blog said you got a gig at the mouse house for the next couple of weeks.
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    No. Where did you see that?
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    oh my mistake, it was ray over at haunted mansion that got the gig. you may want to drop him a note and see if disney has room for one more...
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    Actually, he got a temporary job working for Universal Orlando (not Disney). He said he'd put in a good word for me. Working for a big company like that would be scary and overwhelming, but cool. :grin: I personally don't think I'd make the cut. But, you know what they say about us artists: we're our own worst critic.
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    fear of getting fired is far worse than actually getting fired. trust me. I've been in both places.

    confidence is your best allie. believe in yourself, and others will. easier said than done, I know.
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    Here is a simple Disneyland Moonliner-here

    Here, is a quicky link too the models cjd mentioned. It appears too be only a gallery of the owners models.

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