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Discussion in 'International Modelers' started by mick, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. 727engineer

    727engineer New Member

    PM me when you get to Cairns mate, There's heaps to see and do here!!!
    I work in tourism so I may be able to get you a deal or 2:thumb:
  2. johnson1on1

    johnson1on1 New Member

    Just discovered the fun!, a shout out from country WA
  3. Rowdy75

    Rowdy75 New Member


    Newbie to card modeling from Central Queensland. I haven;t made any card models except for a Metcalf Goods Shed. I have been reluctant to get a card model as I was unsure of the quality. Then I seen and remembered the goods shed sitting on my shelf and thought "well that is good for card, I guess the others could be too." Anyway mainly interested in 1/200 airships as card seems to be the only option for many of them.
  4. Grokl

    Grokl New Member

    Hi all, Adelaidean here... Crows man and true Aussie. Into all kinds of card modelling as well as the wargaming stuff and scenery...
    Always interested in trying out all types of stuff to build too!! Interests range from fantasy to historical to scifi. I dont build cars anymore because I reckon some blokes just have the knack. I'll build tanks all day if I could :)
  5. DrGeologist

    DrGeologist Canadian Down Under

    Orange NSW, used to live in Charters Towers QLD... which is now probably under water!
  6. Roddo

    Roddo New Member

    Hi to all locals from Sydney's Inner West.

    Love the paper and wood and have had a dabble with 3Dmax.

    I make great use of my Canon IP5300 that will print on paper to 270 gsm, and breakfast cereal carton for thickening.

    Re: John Griffins query ...I think you have Buckley's chance of finding paper kits in OZ. Best option is download electronics and print them yourself. Intersted in others success in getting printed card from overseas to your door in good nick. Also interested in a local source of metallic paper for printers.

    BRENDAN New Member


    I am Brendan from Brisbane I have only just joined and will be looking for plenty of advice in the near future.

  8. RogerP

    RogerP Member

    G'day fellow Aussies,

    Roger Pearson checking in from Bendigo in central Victoria. I have a number of modelling interests, but the one pertaining to this thread is the modelling of "Allied Light Coastal Forces 1914-1945" using card models as a basis.

    My predominant scale will be 144th, but I have been tinkering with some in 72nd scale and seriously considering a few in 35th scale. My sources are dominated by 'Coastal Forces in Paper' who has done some very nice Fairmile 'A' and 'B' MLs, the 'C' class gunboat and HDMLs to name a few. I also have a Vosper MTB, a US PT Boat and a BPB MGB among others.

    Other models I am 'tinkering' with include Sub Chasers from both world wars, the WW1 ML and the small Australian built Army supply and ambulance launches.

    I have tried posting recent 'progress' pics on this forum, but the pics I have fall just outside the allowable size, so if anyone wants to see what I'm working on (a Fairmile B in 35th scale is going to be quite impressive I think), just e-mail me or give me a call.

    Roger Pearson.
    "Roger's Little Ships".
    03 54478693.
  9. foxmalcolm

    foxmalcolm -=3D Modeler=-

    G'day, my name is Fox Malcolm and I am currently residing in Melbourne, Victoria.
    I have been making paper models for the last 15 years but I never considered actually designing them for myself until quite recently.
    It's a whole new world for me as I now have the tools to turn my 3D modelling skills into something more practical.
    My interests in Paper Modeling are wide and varied but currently I am re-creating the planes and zeppelins from the game "Crimson Skies".
    For those of you who don’t know, it is a game set in the 1930’s in a parallel dimension where America did not survive the great depression and fractured into several feuding nations.
    During the ensuing conflicts the great highways were destroyed forcing the nations to find new ways to trade, and so they took to the skies using zeppelins.
    Following close behind was a new threat “Aerial Pirates”.
    It’s a fantastic game but the real attraction for a lot of people is the airframes, most of which are inspired [heavily] from modified secret Nazi prototypes.
  10. claudiecat

    claudiecat New Member

    I live in Melbourne now but grew up in Bris and have lived for long periods in Sydney and Perth. My interest is primarily architectural models. Got into it 20 years ago when I went to Mario's cafe in Brunswick St Fitzroy (Melbourne) where they use to have some of the large Alan Rose paper models of the Hindenberg, Titanic, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, etc hanging from the ceiling or installed on the walls. I bought a bundle of remaindered models from Axiom bookshop in Adelaide and made them up but then ran out of time. Have bought a few more over the years but never got around to building them until my 10 yo daughter reignited my enthusiasm a few months ago. So bought some more and now am currently building the Domus version of the Empire State Building. My current collection of models was purchased overseas during trips or via the net, except for a model of a church in Fremantle.
  11. starfyre

    starfyre New Member

    Hi all,

    Greatings from Cairns. I have been here for 21 years but due to redundancy I could be changing address in the next few months.

    I statrted like others with cerial box models then back in the late 70's I had an Asterix villiage which I have not seen scince. I restarted in the 90's with a Fiddlers green Zero and others and progressed from there.

    Lately I have been creating models of vessels made by the shipbuilding company I work for. Two luxury yachts i made have been around the net for a while but others like The dredger 'Brisbane', The Navy Hydrographic ship 'Leeuwin', Dive boats, Mini Cruise ship 'Oceanic Discoverer' and the submarine 'HMAS Collins' have not been released due to lack of time to do instructions.

    Catch ya's latter.
  12. rojonoho

    rojonoho New Member

    and another one:wave:
  13. Judge

    Judge New Member

    Brissy bloke here. Have been doing pepakura modelling for about a year now, focusing on costume armour. Have more fun actually doing the card work than the fibreglassing & bodywork afterwards though.
    Love WH40K but haven't played since Armageddon. Was getting expensive back then & is worse now so I'm going to learn more about card modelling & give that a go.
    Always available & open to giving & getting advice.

  14. chunder

    chunder Member

    Port Stephens NSW, It's good to see so many aussie members.

    I am just putting the finishing touches to a 20th anniversary FA 18, Mark Webber F1 German race winning car from last year & a Simpson's 20th anniversary Nascar.

    hope to catch up with all you guys sooner or late
  15. mapleman

    mapleman Member

    G’day all
    I am from Melbourne. I mostly build Star Wars and other Sic-fi card models.
    I have started building 1 to 1 scale Sic-fi armors and weapons.

  16. trixyblue

    trixyblue New Member

    Hey guys, country vic here, mostly interested in building terrain, buildings for miniature gaming both fantasy and science fiction, also interested in making sci fi craft ground and air. Been making paper models for as long as i can remember.

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