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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rockislandmike, Jul 16, 2004.

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    It looks like I'll be in sunny California for a couple of weeks in August for training on our new budget software my company is buying. San Jose to be precise (Santa Clara to be even more precise).

    I'm hoping to catch a ball game while I'm down there, but obviously need to ask: any train stores I can't miss ??? any shows happening to be on ??? any members in the area I can have a beer with, maybe play with their trains (heh heh) ???
  2. cobra

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    Mike , the Narrow Gauge Convention is in Santa Clara , don't know the exact dates ( might even be July )....last time I was in San Jose ( Sept 02 ) didn't see any train stores but that was two years ago and I was really there for Ford to test drive Cobras . Nice Town though. Plenty of great places to have a beer or three .There was a beer-fest of some sort going so , of course , I partook !

  3. Allstate81140

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    Hi Mike. I don't know how much help this will be or how much time you will have, but here is some information on train stores in Santa Clara. You were probably kidding anyway, but here it is, I hope, as I am a computer non-nerd.

    ... TRAIN SHOP, THE*, 1829 PRUNERIDGE AVE, SANTA CLARA, CA, 95050-6528, 408-296-1050,
    BEN'S LITTLE TRAIN SHOP, 2628 SOQUEL DRIVE, SANTA CRUZ, CA, 95065, 831-464-8707, ... - Cached

    All have a nice weekend. Jack.

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