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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by TinGoat, Apr 10, 2004.

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    Nice photo Ron. Looks like one I rode on last time I was in Calgary
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    Lovely stuff Ron!!
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    Mr Goat:
    I read that Toronto is the last system running under proper trolley poles, possibly in North America. Can anyone confirm this or find someplace else that is?
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    Re: Pans

    Hi Mr. 60103,

    Why so formal? You can call me Tin. :D

    I have no clue.
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    Re: Pans

    I will find that info soon David.

    Hi Mr Goat er Tin?? er can:D :p :p :p :p :p :cool: Hi Ron
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    Nutz... looks like my post describing the history of the C-Train got lost in the crash... :cry: Mind you, so did the original question...

    Someone asked if the C-Train actually ran along any Calgary streets. It does, but only in one location: 7th Ave SW. The downtown street was devoted exclusively to the transit, and is only used by the C-train and emergency vehicles... It has 3 legs, South, Northeast, and Northwest, which opened in 1984, 1986, and 1987 respectively... All of the legs have also expanded in recent years.

    How do I know this? I grew up in Calgary...

    Go Flames! :thumb:
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    I can confirm that Toronto does indeed still have Trolley poles. In fact I saw a PCC on Saturday doing a private run up the Bathurst Line, the TTC has a couple PCC's left for excursion service.
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    Pcc 4549 4500

    Just to add to our friend mykroft`s post.
    As I get into the TTC yards (I work for them ;) ) often. I took my friend from Vancouver transit for a visit to Russell yards. I operated PCC . CLRV and ALRV for 9 years.
    So hyere are a few pics

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    Nice photos Chris. I remember riding on those old units along St. Clair from Dufferin to Yonge then transferring to the red rocket
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    I remember prior to the Bloor Subway being built, going downtown with my mom on the streetcar. We would take the Anglesey bus to the loop at Jane and Bloor where we transferred to the Bloor streetcar and travelled to the connection with the Yonge/University subway behind the big Loblaws there. How's that for bringing back some old memories?
    :wave: :D :thumb: :D :wave:

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    I like it, I like it. Even though I am "furriner" from across the border, I like TTC. Took a tour last summer at the NMRA Convention and want to do more.
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    How did we get off Calgary?
    2 comments on Chris's photos:
    The cars were rebuilt in the late 60s, at about 20-25 years of age. The dash lights (lights over the front dash that Chris is leaning on in the first photo) were replaced with much smaller ones. The roof at the back (maybe all over?) was replaced with a fiberglass (?) casting. The box in the middle top is a footstep that used to look right a RR catwalk and was open underneath.
    Wild digression: when the trolley coach fleet was re-bodied in the 70s, they also had fiberglass roofs. Apparently, in the first few dewirings, the trolley poles struck the roofs so hard that they shattered. TTC mounted 3" rubber balls on the retriever ropes that would prvent them pulling the poles all the way down. You'd sometimes see an operator tying to pry the rubber ball out of the retriever housing (just under the windows in the last photo).
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    Further to the trolley pole question, a recent photo of Philadelphia shows them using poles.
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    Hey Tin, that picture loks like it was taken at the Heritage LRT station!

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