Calgary Supertrain Feb 14-15

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CN1, Feb 7, 2004.

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    I'll be there Sunday at 11:00 Am at the food court
  2. Hunkiedoo

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    Supertrain is an excellent show. Took my grandson there a few years ago. (Hint: take a little plastic chair/stepstool for the kids - does wonders)

    I hope the Calgary Model Trainmen still have their 2' x 8' Timesaver switching layout that the kids can operate. My handiwork from about 15++ years ago.

    When we first displayed this layout for the kids to operate, it was complete chaos. We solved the problem by making the kids form a line & while one kid was operating the layout, we gave the next-in-line a 6" x 12" sign that said "I'M NEXT". (This was proudly displayed to waiting parents). :) No more arguments about whose turn it was! When the time came, the sign was cerimoniously handed off to the next in line.

    Opps, started to ramble there.

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