Cac Ca-2 Wackett Trainer Prototype

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by paul a, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. paul a

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    check out the bsd sight it will suply you with what you will need for the rc.
  2. Darwin

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    Paul, the paper (or cardboard) tube is a perfectly legitimate way to solve several problems with tender-sided scale models with big strong rubber motors. First, if you use rubber lube, it keeps the lube from splattering on the model skin and bleeding through. Also, when the motor ultimately breaks, the resulting gorilla just tears up the replaceable motor tube instead of blowing out the side of the fuselage. (When I was just starting competitive gumband modeling, I asked one of the old geezers [slap....did I really say that] how to know when you have the motor wound tight enough. The answer was "wind it until it breaks, then back off a couple of turns.") As a suggestion....scale models almost always wind up being tail-heavy, so beef up the nose block instead of adding clay weights. If possible, construct the nose block/rubber motor assembly so it can be removed and wound up OUTSIDE the model. A simple pin is all that is needed to hold the assembly together once the wound motor is replaced in the body. Always helps if you can grow a third (or even fourth) arm to help at this stage of the flight prep. Also, with a removable motor setup, you can build a "true scale" nose to plug in for displaying the model. I'm eagerly awaiting the film clip.
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    the removable tube is a good idea thanks.while looking for other ways to power this build I stumbled a minuture rc group. after seeing what they can do in rc that will fit in a hand. I decided to ad this build in my little experament.its a smallrc plane made allmost completly out of1/32 balsa.I,m tring to recreat it in 20 lbs stock .the build is very close to a card model build. here are some of pics of what I finished so far. there is some sanding and straitening to do but it is coming along.

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  5. yaniv

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    what is that paul?
  6. Darwin

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    Thanks for the link...guess I will be doing some more downloading. That a little Pitts Special you're working on?
  7. paul a

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    yes it is the pitts special.BSD is the web sight that deal with micro rc
  8. paul a

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    got to love it now there are three RC aircraft in paper. it may not be the best way to go but it is the cheapest. and when it cracks up that is the cost of repairs.4.00 for 250 sheets maybe 2 sheets for repair.and with the newest model that is one huge aircraft and for 20.00 that is a real bargain.AND that f16 is really great.mike is doing a great next weekend I hope to get the rubber power one ready for a test flight.hopefully. thank you to all for your input and sujestion. they are greatly aprecated.
  9. mbauer

    mbauer Cardstock Model designer

    paul a,

    I admire your answering skills. Even when given reasons why not to try something you did it! The paper tube for a rubber band mount is excellent. No Compression!! HAHAHAHAHA!

    All you have to do is roll up 1 sheet of regular 20# bond paper into a 1/2" diameter tube. Now compress using both hands towards the center of the tube.

    One trick you can use for strength is to make "small" boxes. The boxes can be round or square doesn't matter. Each box carries part of the total load. To make boxes in the wings you use ribs just like on balsa. The internal spars carry the load from box to box.

    The wingskin still carries the load, it just has help by the internal structures.

    I've been working on RC models for over 2-years now. i know what doesn't work (retracts on a SR71 for instance, well not working yet anyway).

    The only reason RC card models aren't flying everyday is because the market hasn't been created yet. Cardstock is easy to use for flight!!!

    Keep up the great work paul a!!

    Best regards,
    Mike Bauer
  10. k5083

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    I wonder if one could make stringers that would substitute for 1/16 balsa using cardstock strips folded into a u-shaped, triangular, or square cross section. Same principle as the motor tube, give it some compression strength. Solid/laminated paper stringers wouldn't be weight-competitive with balsa but hollow ones might be. That was how Japan made airplanes like the Zero so light; they used intricately bent sheet metal for structural parts where others would use solid castings. Didn't take combat damage well but nobody will be shooting at my models. Worth a try.

  11. paul a

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    I figure if a 747 can get off the ground why can,t some paper
    Best regards Paul Adams
  12. paul a

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    I think we would all benifit by a new forum RC card modeling.
  13. k5083

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    Great idea, I'd support that.


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