Caboose use in Canada

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  1. babydot94513

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    Not knowing any different nor having given it any serious thought until now, are cabooses still in active mainline use in Canada?

    If so, how is their use perceived by the crews, managment and the unions?

    I am not familiar with the geography of Canada and cannot relate to specific Provinces and the track layout, but I was just thinking about how a neighboring country may feel about this unique piece of railroad history.
  2. 60103

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    Cabooses went in Canada very shortly after they went in the U.S.
    There are still a few used on local trains, but they've had all the windows boarded over .
    A year ago, CN had 56 cabooses active or stored; CP had 107.
    There were also a number listed for regionals and shortlines, but I can't say how active they are. I can't say how the railroaders feel about this.
  3. babydot94513

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    Thank you, David. I figured their demise was probably parallel to what happened in the USA but you never know.

    There are a few isolated uses of cabooses here in California one of which is on the San Joaquin Valley RR. They have a long back-up move and the local officials required a caboose for protection.
  4. rockislandmike

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    Except for the yellow CP Rail caboose that's parked at the end of their line in Edmonton, I haven't seen one forever. My understanding is that they disappeared at the same time they did in the US.

    I'm not sure about the FRED, but I know remote control trains, and the safety cab, were both found in Canada before the US.
  5. farmer ron

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    Jeff, there is one railroad here in western Canada that still uses the caboose. It is a short line that runs once a day to our area then back. Southern British Columbia Railway. It connects CN rail with the CP rail and BN. Have several pics of it but unfortunately do not have a program to post them as yet. Ron...
  6. babydot94513

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    If and when you do get a program, I and many others on this list would love to see them.

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