Cabbage Diesel?

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Herc Driver, Sep 23, 2006.

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    While doing some research into an Amtrak F40 diesel for weathering purposes, the road number I have was listed as a "Cabbage". I've been trying to figure out exactly what this means. From what I've found so far - assuming this is correct - a Cabbage (diesel in this case) does not have an operating motor but some controls to brake the train while another diesel pushes from the rear? Is this right? I noticed a pretty big roll-up type door on the side of the F40 that I assume was made during some modifications to the powerplant? One newspaper story I read about upcoming Amtrak service with this type of diesel mentioned extra baggage would be carried inside the diesel unit. Anyone know anything about this topic?
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    The term "Cabbage" is a lazy contraction for "cab car" and "baggage car." They were developed because it's safer for the crew to be in a (former) locomotive than in the end of a cab car in the event of a collision.

    Most of the routes they are used on no longer or never offered checked baggage service so that was little more than wishful thinking on Amtrak's part.
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    On the L.A. to San Diego runs they used to have to back the train out of San Diego 5 miles to the Del Mar wye to turn the train before they could load passengers for the trip back to L.A. By going to push-pull operation they were able to almost double the scheduled number of daily trains. Amtrak gutted the old f40ph locomotives to make cab cars for the opposite end of the train from the locomotive. Now they run push-pull from Santa Barbara to San Diego. When the train is pulled into a station at the end of the line, the crew walks to the other end of the train to the cab car to make the return trip.
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    Thank you very much for the info...might be an interesting modeling prospect here.....
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    Pulling the gears and motor out are probably the things that can be done to improve the Life-Like F40 the most! :D

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