C3P0 - R2-D2 - Diorama

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by loenf, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. papadavigi

    papadavigi New Member

    most excellent!
  2. JakeBlues

    JakeBlues New Member

    awesome! Congrats
  3. Greenman

    Greenman Member

    Nicely, nicely, nicely done.:thumb:
    I've always thought that Sci-Fi models were never truly complete without lights.

    Adding a small capacitor in line with some of the LEDs should make some of the lights blink, right? This could add yet another element of life to the display.

  4. loenf

    loenf Member

    Hi, there is a very simple method to have a visual-effect, using a RGB Color-change-LED. I already used it for the luminous advertising at my Tumbler Diorama.

    regards Loenf

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  5. Greenman

    Greenman Member

    I don't know what to say....

    That's paper?!
    I can stare at that display for hours, days...forever.

    I want to see the real thing in front of me, photos just don't do justice to all the hidden details and tricks you put into that display.

    Is that image of Batman in the window a transparency? It looks holographic.

    I'm truly in the presence of a master.
  6. howdysmithy

    howdysmithy New Member

    That is genius, the r2-d2 looks so detailed i like how the charger is plugged into a usb port haha
  7. papermonster

    papermonster New Member

    wow this great model that I can not believe it paper

    and may the force be with you Paper
  8. loenf

    loenf Member

    It's not the charger in the usb, it's the usb-mouse from the notbook. There is always a little mess on my desk :)
  9. drifter83

    drifter83 New Member

    Now that is way cool!! :)
  10. nibel

    nibel Member

  11. FuKt

    FuKt New Member

    amazing, i am in the process of making that c3po as well, thanks for the link to r2-d2!

    your diorama must look nice in real life, but the pics are still amazing
  12. xingshen71

    xingshen71 New Member

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but this looks really good.
    I'm impressed with the use of lighting in it.
  13. Eyeonmal

    Eyeonmal New Member

    You guys are awesome! I love this, so good!!!
  14. Brett

    Brett New Member

    Hi! I'm still new here. If you need to send the model C3PO PDF file.
  15. Brett

    Brett New Member

    Otherwise, congratulations on a super diorámához! You have five good hook. Keep it up!
  16. rambosat

    rambosat New Member

    You are an artist.

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