C&O steam era cabooses

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    I've come to a conclusion after kicking HO around in my head, that I would still like to stay in n scale. I really want to build a new layout in C&O steam especially since there is so much nice steam now that is prototypical C&O. The only problem is, there are no n scale prototypical C&O cabooses that I can find. I am hoping that one of you members here can help with a solution. I would solely appreciate it. Thanks again.
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    if you have not contacted or are a part of the COHS then now is the time to ask them about cabooses in N scale.they helped me with ALOT of planning and getting drawings of the cars or structures was easy.they even have custom cars made for them so they might either know a place to buy the correct car or have one in stock.hope this helps.--josh
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    Josh, Thanks for the great info.

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