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    Working in a scrap yard I get some intresting finds today I came acrost a a brass padlock for a switch I am assuming. It has the C.M.& St.P.RR on the back the latch cover is missing but all in all in good shape.

    Now for the question who were these guys I know I have seen the initials somwhere before and was wondering if anybody has any info to enlightin me I looked on the web but didnt come acrost anything of info. Were the merged with the CNW like I am hoping??
    Thanks Mike

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    Very cool find!

    From what I found on a Google search, it came from the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. Anything beyond that is a little sketchy and confusing. I'm certain that there are a number of people who frequent this site who can fill you in on the details.
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    It was the Milwaukee Road before they built the Pacific Extension.
  4. 60103

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    CM&StP became CMStP&P* in 1928. I can't tell from my write up if it had been renamed The Milwaukee Road before then or was just called that.

    *Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific.
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    Ok I knew I had seen this before.. It was at the Depot in Fulda Minn. they were Mill. Road..
    They never had anything to do with the CNW tho did they!!
  6. Triplex

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    They wanted to merge with CNW for many years, but never got to.
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    "Milwaukee Road" was just a nickname for many years, they didn't start officially using it on equipment until maybe the 1930's (like on the 1st version of the new Milwaukee cabooses from Walthers)??

    Oddly in the 19th c. the C.M.& St.P. was nicknamed "The St.Paul".

    As noted, in 1928 when they completed their ill-fated extension to the Pacific ocean they added "& Pacific" to their name.

    The Milwaukee did operate a joint iron ore operation with the C&NW in upper Michigan.
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    "The Milwaukee did operate a joint iron ore operation with the C&NW in upper Michigan."

    WHERE? Can you provide any info?

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