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    A fellow Nscaler graciously gave me two older UP C-Liner engines (a matched set of A/A units where one is wired reverse polarity to run backwards with the other unit) made by Altas (in Italy). I have not seen motors like these and need help figuring out why one runs and the other doesn't.

    The motor is vertically mounted above the front wheel set and seems to drive the wheel set gears by a shaft coming from the bottom of the motor assembly. The shaft appears to run the length of the motor (vertically). The front wheel set does not transfer the track current to the motor. The entire rear wheel set picks up the current and via a wire, lights the nose light/number boards and powers the motor. On the engine that won't run, the light does work and changes brightness with cooresponding increase from the power pack. I can see no broken wires, nothing out of place. There does appear to be a crack in the top of the motor housing cover. I oiled the wheel set and gears and have left it sit over night. I also added a very small amount of oil in the top of the motor at the opening where the drive shaft is exposed hoping it would run along the shaft and lube the gearing as well. I removed the screws that keep the wheel sets on and two that I thought would let me get the engine out, but to to avail, I still couldn't remove the motor. The engine "floats" inside the solid metal engine body and above the wheel set and gears, but I still couldn't figure out how to get it out of there and lube everything a bit better. The other engine runs ok...a bit better now that I oiled it, but because the wheels need to be cleaned, it jerks around the track in some places. (I've never seen an engine that you could hold the front wheel set completely off the tracks - but leave the rear set touching the tracks to provide power - and have the front wheels rotate like normal).

    Has anyone experience with these engines and this type of motor? Is there more that I can do, possibly a better solvent (WD-40 perhaps?) than light weight machine oil to open up the stuck metal? And secondly, what does everyone use to clean engine wheels?
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    I don't have any experience with these engines, but from reading what you're saying, it appears that your wheel pickup is working, otherwise your lights wouldn't light. I'm wondering if the motor is frozen or burned out. Can you rotate to motor with your fingers? Any signs that there is an open winding? If you have a meter, you could see if you were getting voltage to the motor leads. If not, you might be able to hold a lamp across the motor terminals and see if there is power there. No power than you have a bad connection somewhere. If you have power, than you better check the motor out or your drive gears.

    That's the best I can do until someone like Ray comes along...
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    Thank you for your reply...

    I just found a tremendous site that exactly describes tear down/build up of these motors, and there seems to be information about several other type of engine motors and how to repair/refurbish them.

    Check out http://members.aol.com/dgosha/CLiners.html

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    You found the site I was going to refer you to.
    I've found the brushes and brush springs to be the most likely cause of these type locos not running. I have one that the armature was burnt.
  5. ezdays

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    Thanks Ray, somehow I knew you'd have the answer. :wave:

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