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  1. Bowdenja

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    They just announced in my local paper that Boeing is going to build some of these for the Army and the Air Force. And will build some support plants close.

    Maybe someone will model the plane!

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  2. Bowdenja

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    Here is a line drawing.

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  3. Ashrunner

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    Nice aircraft Bow...it's been on my list of make or buy for a long time.

    I am actually more familiar with the designation of G.222 for the aircraft. One of the aerial demonstrations we had at the 1977 Aviano Air Base Air Show (which I wrote about briefly in another thread) was the G.222.

    It was just before the aircraft went into production for the Italian AF and was still in test phase. But the aircraft was at the show for a demonstration. The pilot demonstrated short field landings and take-offs and some LAPES (Low Altitude Parachute Extraction Systems) cargo delivery methods and did then something which really impressed me. He shut down one engine and began making a series of turns in the same direction. The aircraft was at about 500 feet altitude and banked at about 45 degrees and was turning within the confines of the airfield in was less that 1,000 feet. Crowds were on both sides of the airfield and the aircraft didn't overfly any areas where there were people below. An amazing feat for such a large aircraft.

    When I saw my first C-27 Spartan, I said, "That looks like the G.222 I saw in Italy in 1977." Definitely an aircraft worth modeling.

  4. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    That would be an amazing sight to see!

    Watched a C-130H go through some of it's stuff one time and was impressed by it short field landing.........then backing up to unload in a revetment. The LAPES stuff was great too............... did it with a hummer and drove that sucker off before the dust settlled from the slide. Neat stuff........ always liked the support planes a lot.

    Not too many times have we gone outside for planes since Korea, and most of them have been for transport. So this must really be an amazing plane!

    Maybe we can talk someone into making us a model!

  5. hpept

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    would love to see this plane in paper. This is a well known aircraft for me, as it's the replacement of the Alenia-Aeritalia G-222 (more than a replacement it seems an update since the planes are very similar) which is based at the S.Giusto airport in Pisa within the 46^ Brigata Aerea of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana.
    This is an exceptional machine, designed to land and takeoff to and from unprepared runways in just 500m. I have seen one of these birds do a looping during an airshow...yes, not half a looping and then banking nose up.. it did a complete 360°. Find another transporter doing this without actually shredding into pieces during the following pull up....
  6. Hans Christian

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    It really looks like the G.222

    But with the USAF colors, it kinda looks like... C-130 Jr. ... :-D
  7. Bowdenja

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    Yeah guys it's basically the same plane just Boeing is licensed to build them here for the Army and the Air Force. Shoot man when we see something good it don't matter where it's from we use it!:grin:

    Whats really good is to hear that the Army is getting back into fixed-wings birds. Maybe that's a secret...............don't let the Air Force guys know!


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