C-17 Globemaster III

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bowdenja, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Bowdenja

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    I found this picture today..............kinda puts things in perspective. Yes the "little" plane is a C-130!

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  2. Gefahren

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    Yes, the C-17 is kinda big. When I was working at the airport earlier this summer I got to see them takeoff and land all day (plus alot of practice fly-throughs). One day we did have a C-5 do a fly-through for whatever reason... Now that is a BIG plane. I saw it just hanging off in the distance and said,: that's a big plane" then didn't pay it any more attention, then a minute or so later I looked again and it hadn't seemed to have moved, then I thought,"that's a REALLY big airplane". Finally he realized that he was lined up with the closed runway and that plane literally seemed to jump sideways to the active one for his fly-through.
  3. Ashrunner

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    I saw my first C-5 in 1970, at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. It was making its first visit there. I was operating the second refueling truck to hookup to the monster. Six months later I was sick of C-5s, as I was then working as a Combat Pacer on the transient side of the base. There we refueled C-5s and C-141s on their way to and from Vietnam. We specialized in quick turnarounds.

    After Alaska, I didn't see C-5s much and then when I did, the awe I first experience came back. But what really got me was the day the McChord AFB Open House when they had a C-5 and C-17 side-by-side. The C-17 was "fatter" but the C-5 still looked bigger. Going inside both, the C-17's cargo area is definitely bigger.

    Both aircraft are huge, but I would love to see an An-224 in the middle of those two someday.
  4. yaniv

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    i see them here in israel from time to time (2 manch +-) fly over my head
    woww u can know 10 minutes befor he past your head thet is going to come becoz is engens sound (like big manster)

    but about the c-5 lets say from scal 1-10 the c-17 is 7 then the c-5 its 9
    wehan he pass your head u just see black big big big ...bird in the air

    i all so see alots of them on the gruond on the frankfurt airport in german i not sure if c17 (not reammeber) but i see 10+ of c-5 in dark greand cemo reale nice and big bird :)

    i know thet the c5 whas come to israeli with some heli for the israeli airforce like the apachi and so and copel of years ago copel of COBRA for the israeli flight scool
  5. modano1

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  6. yaniv

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    ther is 1 guy thet running a privet website thet make a models from papaer of the an225 but never found the way to found the parts pags or some more info about this model

    he all so make some star wars models
    i not found the site for now :(

    smone now what i am talking about?

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Yaniv,

    I dont know for sure, I might be guessing, but you may be talking about Kancho, who is also a member here. But, I dont think he has built an AN 225 yet, however he has built an ANTINOV AN 71 MADCAP. You can see his site here: http://kancho.muncho.org go to "my models" to see his creations. He also offers all of his "old" models as free downloads, which can be found here: http://kancho.muncho.org/old_free.html .

    anyway, have a nice day,

    Greg aka GW
  8. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    no no no my freand not this 1

    i reammber its whas a black beckgrund site with menu in the left side and alots of smol pic(80x80 pix) in the middel

    as i say he allso make a star wars model ireamber i found is site on the old forum on some starwars bilding progres
  9. Ashrunner

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    I seem to remember that site also. Don't remember where it is though. If my memory is still good on this one, he scratchbuilt his models and when he released the photos of his An-224, everyone wanted to know how to get the build files. I believe he mentioned then that the model was scratchbuilt with no plans available. Definitely would have been a good build. 8v)
  10. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    ye maybe u right u remmber thet i do all thet i can to found some info about this models it whas BIG BIG model i reammber 1 pic with is smol kid lol

    i all so look all over the afternon on googel and so and not found it :(
  11. if you wanted to build a model of a C-17 wouldnt you be able to modify the model of the free download JDF C-1??? like maybe lenghten and enlarge it a bit and use judgement where to attach the outer engines? the JDF C-1 looks a bit like the C-17's kid brother. as for the AN-124 and An-225? i have yet to see a paper model release of either planes, the only paper model AN-124 i saw was one that was that a friend of mine designed from tech drawings. the AN-124 is bigger then the C-5, and the AN-225 is a modified An-124 with plugs to lenthen it with a larger wing and forked tail.

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