Bye Bye F7!!

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    I got it from Miami Trains, [size=-1][/size]. I'd like to take a picture but we started remodelling (I'm doubling my train room in the process!!!) so everything is packed away. There is also a guy in Pennsylvania going under the name "New World Trains". Miami Trains has good pricing. I don't know if you can get them to ship stuff to the UK. You have to check the Frateschi web page to make sure you get the kind with the pans you like (old or modern).

  2. To those who asked for the article Ian had an accident yesterday and will be out of things for a while. He will get back to you when possible. It's not too serious but he will be flat on his back for a couple of weeks ( and is already proving himself a real pain in the ass):wave:
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    That sounds painfull for both of you.
    Hope he gets well soon. :(
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    I don't want to see this thread fall below the bottom of my screen, so I am attempting to scan my poor xerox copies of the Bob Hegge article and see if I can post them here. How Do I post pictures? lv4142003
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    yeah i noticed Miami trains do international postage. and ive started work on an articulated based on that article using my spare B-unit and spare Athearn A-unit chassis and some parts from my bachmann SD45 chassis!
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    Traction on ebay

    These have a few days left and since this thread had a few traction modelers viewing I thought I would give you the chance of viewing them.

    New Items Found for traction

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    Show only: Items by seller calsantiqs

    New Results (5 of 5) See all search results...

    Brass HO Electric Engine Great Northern Engine No. 5000
    UNK Japan 2-8-2 Wheel Arrangement.
    $187.50 (8bids)
    Time Left: 6d 5h 32m
    Add to watch list Brass HO Electric Engine Great Northern Engine No. 5006
    UNK Japan 2-8-2 Wheel Arrangement.
    $187.50 (9bids)
    Time Left: 6d 5h 25m
    Add to watch list

    Brass HO Electric Engine Butte Anaconda And Pacific
    UNK Japan 4-4 Wheel Arrangement Engine No. 56.
    $133.50 (8bids)
    Time Left: 6d 5h 15m
    Add to watch list Brass HO Electric Engine Butte Anaconda And Pacific
    UNK Japan 4-4 Wheel Arrangement Engine No. 55.
    $98.00 (4bids)
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    lol, not on them BRASS! means it would not even be worth me bidding for them because it would be horrendously expensive to import (that and i only started my new job last week and i havent been paid yet!)
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    I seem to be missing some posts. Ross you have been sending some about your boxcab, I get them when I highlight "BYE BYE F7", but when I get to the last page, they're not there. Anyone speculate why I'm not getting them. lv4142003
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    never mind. I seem to be slipping! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the site or my email or my machine, strictly a 1d10t error. So, now that I have your attention, anyone seen and would like to comment on Hegge's article? Anyone going to attempt one? By the way, does anyone know how to psot a picture to here? Thanks lv4142003
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    I'm attempting to uplaod the firrst page of Hegge's article, mine seem to be lighter than Bad McFads, maybe they'll be easier to see. lv4142003
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    Does anyone know what happened to my picture? It didn't appear and I don't know where it is? lv4142003
  12. Just got an undecorated Frateschi model, it looks good but the only problem is the wheel profile. Any ideas how to turn these down to something nearer RP25 profile?
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    When you go through the upload procedure, you will get a message just below the name of the file you wanted to load. It will tell you if it was sucessfully uploaded, and if not, why not. Your picture was probably too big. Let me know if you can't resize it and I'll tell you how.
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    Check out the link it might help
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    wheres a good place to get cab fronts for interurbans? got a few PE "blimp" stlye cars made from some athearn shorty heavyweights but i want to build some other cars now!
  16. Once it would have been simple to find them in Walthers Catalogue unfortunately the number of articles available for scratch builders is decreasing each year. Already features things like Thomas the tank engine, slot racing next year?
    If you can't find anything like Suydam on eBay i guess the easiest way would be to make a master and cast copies. Might even develope into a business.
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    Hi Ross you have seen what I have to do to build interurbans, The white metal ends I have , some are from old kits and a few are what a friend passed on to me.

    I look for that stuff EVERYWHERE I go, It`s going to be hard to find in the UK.

    As B M said Try and do your own or covert the ends of coaches as I have done.
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    Oh most of mine so far are based around the old athearn heavyweight shorties with the corridor connections cut off and a pair of PE porthole style "windows" drilled into the ends on either side of the gangway.

    Just after something to look a bit different to this fleet!
  19. interurban

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    Ross pm me your snail mail and I will send you two of my white metal ends, When I get back from Vancouver.
    That means you have to name a station after me on your traction L/O :D :D :D

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