Bye Bye F7!!

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  1. Is there any chance that you could make Bob Hegge's article available?
  2. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    yeah was just going to say any chance you could scan it up onto the web or xerox me a copy and mail it over here?

    Got a lot of "spare" F unit shells lying about awaiting being made into PROPER locos!
  3. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    These are xerox copies, so they came out very faint. Well not so faint that you can't see them. If I can figure a way to get them on here I'll put them on. I don't know if Kalmbach would raise hell about it, as the technology Bob Hegge used is so outdated now. I may be able to find someone with a copy that hasn't been bound, they're much easier to copy when there isn't the New York phone book attached to it. They also have a little missing, near where the binding is because of the size. Give me a couple of days to see if any of my buddies (mates) have a single copy and I'll run 'em off. If I can't get 'em on this site, I'll have to mail 'em to you. Both of them are neat, but the twin cab is awesome. <lv4142003>
  4. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Lads, I've contacted 2 of my buddies who might have Model Railroader magazine from that far back. They are checking to see if they have that issue. Here's hoping they do. I don't want to keep blowin' smoke at you, but Bob Hegge did a nice job, its well worth reading. <lv4142003>
  5. Hi,

    I just contacted Kalmbach. Although they no longer sell the back number they can stillprovide photocopies of the article. Got to wait 4 - 5 weeks though
  6. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    do they charge for providing photocopies?
  7. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    I would love to see his great work :thumb:
  8. Minimum $5
  9. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Guys, last night I saw the 2 friends who have extensive backissue collections of Model Railroader, and neither have them back that far. As soon as I get a chance I'll go back down the Philadelphia Main Library and see if I can get better copies of that article. Then someone can tell me how to post them here so we can share 'em. lv4142003
  10. Just got the copies from NMRA;
    Will scan them in later this evening. Project was originally done with the old belt drive so there might be a fair bit of milling involved using a more modern drive system


    Sparkie, check your yahoo mail, enjoy.:wave:
  11. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Bad McFad, isn't that an exceptionally well thought out and done model? The square end box motor is terrific, extremely plausable, but the double Bulldog cab version, that's quite another story. Can you imagine a few of those on your layout? lv4142003
  12. Quote;isn't that an exceptionally well thought out and done model.

    I went to bed about 2 a.m. this morning hunting through the junk in the cellar, looking for the bits to build some[​IMG]

    Unfortunately I need a few parts so I looked in the Walthers' Catalog - there are almost none of the bits I would need available from them any more, no pantographs, no pilot trucks - isn't it amazing how the hobby has changed? Instead of making the floor out of basswood, to use a modern frame you really need access to a milling machine.
    In an article in the latest MR there's a description of a "Denny's" built using a CNC milling machine, more than $2500 a pop!! No wonder people are drifting away from the hobby - it is increasingly becoming a high-tech, high-budget one; I'm not knocking it, I'd love one of those machines, but my workshop is full of tools that are rarely used now.
    Remember the old one buck models? We need to get back to that if we want to get people back into the hobby, although I guess now it'd be a ten buck model.

    Rant over[​IMG]

  13. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Bad McFad (Ian) Can you post the copies you have? Also, some of the train shows will be coming up and guys will have junk boxes on their tables, maybe you'll be able to find parts there. The rubber band drive (Hi-Fi drive was Athearns name for it) is pretty antiquated, but I'll bet it still works reliably. If you decided to go "modern" , what would you use for power. Athearn SD-40 or Atlas SD-35 ? Frateschi of Brazil has a big electric engine that looks almost, but not quite identical to, a New Haven engine, Somewhat like a Milwaukee "Little Joe" (or South Shore). That would make a terrific power source for a Double F7 cabbed unit. Comes with pans, also. Don't know the price or availability, don't know how it runs, don't even know if it could be gotten here in the US, so the Netherlands may be tougher. lv4142003
  14. I was thinking of usindg an old Roundhouse boxcab frame in the "Little Joe"

    I thought, wrongly, Frateschi was part of Rivarossi Just found this on the net, it would save me a lot of work

    The files are too large mto load here unless I reduce the size, unfortunately I don't think they would be readable then. Email me and I'll send them on.

  15. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Bad McFad (Ian) , there are a couple of shows coming up in the next few weeks over here, do you want me to look for some of those OLDER parts or are you going to attempt a newer power source? You've gotta put those copies up so the rest of the thread can see what we're talking about! They won;t be disappointed, lv4142003
  16. I found a load of can motors and will probably use them. Pans I can use Lima etc.
    Thanks for the offer.
    I tried posting the article but it's too big. Anyone wanting further info cotact me and I will email it to them

  17. lv4142003

    lv4142003 Member

    Bad McFad (Ian) send me a copy of the article. If you were sent flat sheets they have to better than mine. Maybe we can piece a few of the pictures together in Paint or Photo Shop and show them to the rest of the list. lv4142003
  18. 5450pete

    5450pete New Member

    I picked up one of the Frateschi EP-4's. I really like it. It is quiet, smooth and can really pull. I plan on adding more weight thinking that the two motors in it can handle the extra work. The detail is not the quality of the latest Genesis of P2K but very good, esp. the trucks.

    I may need another!

  19. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    I am glad to read your enthusiasm for Traction . as there are not a lot of us around these days :thumb:

    Please post pics of your models :)

    I will email my addy if you would send me the copies .
    Thanks .
  20. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    where did you manage to get your EP4 from Pete? i cant find anywhere that sells them here in the UK

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