Buying silver bullion?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by bilko_ca, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. bilko_ca

    bilko_ca New Member

    when a person buys silver boullion, should there be a discount from 'call' price if the silver is not in 'mint' condition?I occasionaly buy smaller amounts of silver bars and at times, the shop sells bars that are not in the greatest a general rule, is there a discounted amount for bars such as this? (I realize it's not coins and an ounce of silver is an ounce of silver once it's melted).Thanks for any real advice
  2. Barkley Hound

    Barkley Hound New Member

    I doubt it. Bars are for investment, not beauty. Why not buy silver proof coins. They will probably increase in value faster than bullion. Silver eagle uncirculated coins have doubled in value in just a few years.
  3. cabridog

    cabridog New Member

    My generous advice to you is to buy gold instead of silver, if it is for making a saving !!!
  4. Dale L

    Dale L New Member

    There maybe a discount on your bar of silver depending on the dealer you buy it from..
  5. B52nav

    B52nav New Member

    Please understand, no expert here, ok? My opinion, however, keeping a lot of silver in my lock box myself over the years, is that condition doesn't really matter unless you are collecting rare silver coins. Bulk or junk silver is priced by the ounce. I suggest you call up a reputable dealer and frame your question by asking, "I have a few bars of silver in mint condition that I may sell. I also have a few bars that are scratched. If I sell my entire collection to you, will you pay me a premium price for the pristine bars as opposed to the price you'll give me for the scratched bars?"You may consider asking several dealers the same question.
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