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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by XavierJ123, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. XavierJ123

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    Is it common for HO engines to be sold without a tender? I thought normally the engine and the tender were sold together as a set, but I see a lot of pictures of engines without a tender for sale on eBay. Maybe switchers don't come with a tender. Is this right? I am trying to think if I have ever seen a tender for sale on eBay by itself. Wouldn't that be hard to match up after the fact. :confused:
  2. shaygetz

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    While it's not common it does happen. Because most tenders are easily interchangable, folks will swap out for one that more closely resembles the prototype they're modeling, or they'll kitbash two of them to make a longer one, leaving one without. Spare parts are hard to find though, leaving a good market for the lokeys themselves. Many folks on Ebay are dealers in one form or another, they buy model train box lots at yard sales and then part them out over time, with no real concern over what's in there or if they are inadvertantly breaking up a set.
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    Also, from memory, Bowser use to sell their lokey kits without a tender which was a seperate part, like the detail kit, LOL. I looked on their site and it appears they no longer offer tenders seperate, but I bet one could be got somewhere. Their site says call them for unlisted parts, so I would try that. Fred
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    Depending on what type of switcher it is..A (say)0-6-0 tank engine doesn't need a tender.However a regular 0-6-0 would..Sperate tenders was made by MDC.I have used a MDC short Vanderbilt tender with a 0-6-0 made by Mantua. You can also find tenders at Train Shows.
    Keep in mind sometimes the seller doesn't show the tender..Be sure to read the description of the item up for bids to see if the engine includes a tender.

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