Bust of Portuguese Knight, 1143 A.D.

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  1. carlos filipe

    carlos filipe carlos filipe

    This is the work of my participation in a workshop with master Fernando Ruiz Ceano.
    The workshop was organized by Associação de Modelismo do Montijo, Portugal, in 2013.
    The class had a weekend to learn the basics and to do as much as it could be done. After 18hours we pretty much finished the bust, missing some touches.
    My best painting so far.... was done during a workshop. Meaning I have a lot to pratice.
    The knight uses mail over a padded shirt and over the mail a white vest with the blue cross, the first symbol of Portugal.
    To protect him from the cold a cloak.
    The helmet is painted blue and the reinforcements in gold, meaning he must be a wealthy noble man. Chain mail was very expensive, only wealthy knights could afford it.
    It is dawn, he has been praying all night before battle.
    The helmet evidence previous fighting where he got a blow that chipped some of the paint. It has also fat stains. The helmet was commonly used as cooking pot or bowl. Being painted, this one wasn't used for cookng, but most probably to eat.

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  2. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    very nicely done... my figure skills aren't good enough yet for me to try a bust.
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  3. carlos filipe

    carlos filipe carlos filipe

    I learned a lot in the workshop. There are things that no matter how many tutorials you watch, you'll never get there. I still have to practice a lot, eventually today I couldn't do again so good painting. I'm not affiliated in any club, I don't practice enough, I end up losing knowledge.
    It pays off to attend classes. They're not cheap, but very rewarding.
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  4. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    You did a GREAT JOB on the bust.
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  5. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    all of my skills are self taught by reading articles or asking what others do.
  6. carlos filipe

    carlos filipe carlos filipe

    Hi micahrogers, until now that is what I've done. The big boost was the book "The Verlinden way". But in my area there are so many good figure painters and in a nearby town - Montijo - is held annually a great exhibition/competition where our Spanish neighbours show up. So the level is very high. My painting skills are no match in such environement. That motivated me to attend a workshop, but still have to practice by myself. There is no other way. :)
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    micahrogers Active Member

    Where I live here in NW Georgia, all the clubs meet on Saturday afternoon, and of course I have to work Saturdays. When I lived in Mississippi, the clubs met on a Thursday evening, and I could usually make it to the club meetings.
    Right now I'm going back through "Guide to Airbrushing" by Anest Iwata, trying to boost my airbrushing skills. As I build my collection Of Vallejo paints I'm also watching their videos on You Tube.

    As far as your figure skills go, if your figures arent "good Enough" for exhibition, then their are indeed some Master Modelers there. Your figures and busts look great.
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  8. carlos filipe

    carlos filipe carlos filipe

    If I attend this year's exhibition, I'll post some photos. It is a lovely atmosphere, lots of short workshops happening on Saturday afternoon, shop stands, it is a fest. I'm out of competitions and have never been taking them seriously. I find awkward when someone protests about classifications. Following week only the guy that got the medal remembers, everybody else has forgotten it. But being an international exhibition raises the standards.
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    Great bust. I was looking for "Boobs" though! :)
  10. carlos filipe

    carlos filipe carlos filipe

    ;) Not yet there.. I mean, not even in silicone I'm interested, much less resin, plastic or paper....

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