builting H.M.S victory.....

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by yukiyuji, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. yukiyuji

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    Hi Yuki

    Some real great ships you have there. The fleet looks fantastic.
    The thing with wings does not look bad either :lol:

    look forward to your next set of models

    Thanks for the photos


  3. Jim Krauzlis

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    Hello, Yuki!

    Just got back online and WOW! HMS Victory came out fantastic!! :shock:
    You did an outstanding job on the rigging, not to mention the rest of her; very impressive build!! :D
    I can't get over how fast you built her, just simply amazing!! :D

    The photos are superb and show the detail so very well.
    Your other builds are an added treat, they all came out really very well.

    Thanks for the photos and I am looking forward to your next building thread.

  4. yukiyuji

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  5. Jim Krauzlis

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    Yuki, what happened to your pictures in the last and prior post?
    Hope you are able to work it out. Looking forward to more photos.
  6. yukiyuji

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    it is the 3dpapermodel wed second server's problem. It looks like an error somewhere in the boot sequence. The root partition is being mounted once as read-only and once as read-write. The read-only can not be unmounted and is causing the problems. all the photo lost white the server fixed........
  7. yukiyuji

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  8. yukiyuji

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