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  1. da-waaaghboss

    da-waaaghboss New Member

    im looking to make some buildings

    i cant seem to find any except 3D puzzels,and well as cool as they are,its not what i need:(

    i need buildings,for the flames of war(WW2)


    warhammer 40k (sci-fi)

    id like tp paper craft them as it gives me great fredom of design,but i cant find a basic design:(

    so HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELPS so im no longer banging my head against the wall looking for these should be simpel to find blueprintswall1

    any links guides or helps would be greatly thanked
  2. da-waaaghboss

    da-waaaghboss New Member

  3. granpa1

    granpa1 Guest

    Hi! Go directly to Fiddlers Green card models. He has a collection of English village houses and English shops. These are wonderful little models.

    Print them out on 110# card. Score all of the fold lines with a "dead" ballpoint pen and a metal straight edge before putting them together.

    Guild Secret: After making the sides of the building, glue it to a cardboard base. While it is drying, go to the Walmart and buy a plastic bottle of BB's. When you return, lay a thick, wide bead of white glue around the inside perimeter of the walls. Pour in enough BB"s to be caught in the glue and let the glue dry. When the glue is dry, pour out the loose BB"s back into their bottle. The weight will keep the building from moving when it is bumped, or not as much. Finally, run a marks-a-lot around the edge of the roof and glue it in place.

    Even if you buy just the models that you want, they are far less expensive that any other building models commercially avalable.
  4. devox

    devox New Member

    golden bolter society has a large collection of warhammer 40k ones via paperhammer.
  5. da-waaaghboss

    da-waaaghboss New Member


    great help gents:wave:
  6. jamesmhebert

    jamesmhebert New Member

    Thank you, devox. The paperhammer article was pretty cool! Thinking of recreating some older Star Wars games that are OOP, and it gives me ideas on how to approach armies of droids...:thumb:

  7. Coot59

    Coot59 Member


    look around here there are some free ones.

    At the bottom of the page under terrain

    explore here

    a good place to buy

    two free always and they change. Good models

    very detailed model RR buildings

    just a few many more out there.
  8. greentree

    greentree New Member

    Excellent links there! Very helpful indeed.
  9. ufhc

    ufhc ufhc

    Tese are great sites, Thanks
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