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    Does anyone have any buildings that are roughly the same scale as Fiddlers Green's Large WW2 Planes models? I am looking to set up a sort of acurate scale landscapes for wargaming, and i would like to get some buildings to make the landscapes more realistic.

    Thanks Nigel.
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    You'll have to be a bit more specific about the scale you want to use. I looked at a dozen or so WW2 models, and the scales varied widely.
    I would recommend scaling everything down to 1/72 or so and scaling your buildings accordingly. FG draws their models to as efficiently use the available page as possible. It uses a % of 1/60 (WSAM) to tell you what the model is drawn to. It's a bit esoteric, but an example is this: A model says it is 70% of WASM That means, you should scale the model down to 70% of the original to get it to 1/60, or going the other way, the same model would be approximately 1/42 scale. btw, WSAM stand for worlds smallest air museum, a standard that Chip thought would be a good average size for his models to be displayed at--neither too large, nor too small. The odd scaling stuck and stays to this day.
    FG's buildings are great for wargaming, and are normally at HO and N scales--although a few are also found in O scale. If you're not a model RR'er N=1/160, HO=1/87 and O=1/48. So you see--there are a bunch of different scales to consider. The best bet is to decide upon a scale, and scale everything down accordingly. Scaling up is much more of a hassle, as you find you need bigger paper to print upon, whereas scaling down gives you large borders.

    There's a good explanation to be found on the FG website, along with the math to adjust your scales.

    In the part's Bin--you'll find one of my 1/87 houses. You'll find that buildings get pretty big, compared to aircraft, and at 1/48 scale you might find yourself with a space problem. HO scale is a great scale to work at--big enough to really add some detail, yet not overpoweringly large.
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    I use 1/100 scale for buildings and aircraft, because it fits with the 15mm soldiers I use for wargaming. This works with many FG models that are relatively simple to put together, but not so well for complex models from other designers.

    Even in 1/100 you start taking up space fast, though that's relative -- anybody who builds a big bomber in 1/33 or a large ship in 1/250 is likely to have greater space issues. I like the small scale because it means individual models are small, so i don't need one very large storage area.
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    Okay so i'm going to guess at a scale of aprox 1/50 in a WW2 Era Look.

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