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    it's been a long time since we were here, but haven't forgotten you all. We are actively working on our garden railway again and wondered what you all do for buildings. Do you buy models? scratch build? Also, how many buildings do you actually use on a garden railway?

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    There are plenty of ways you can add buildings - it all depends on how big your railway is. If you are going to put "towns" here & there you can have a few buildings. Then a length of track then a few more buildings marking the other town. Garden Railway Magazine usually has great ideas in it. :)
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    garden rr buildings

    thanks N Gauger - we have lots of room and are planning several towns along the way ... just wondered what the general preference is on here for buildings. I'm pretty good with wood and thinking about making some of our own buildings but don't know if they will look okay with model kit ones too.
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    Kathy .. check your Private Messages too :) :) (link in upper right corner of page) :)
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    Garden buildings

    If you are modeling O scale, you can obtain great buildings at this time of the year by shopping for the ceramic buildings so many use for their Christmas displays. Stores are full of 'em now. The scale is just about correct and the price beats what is the general cost of buildings available in the hobby.

    Scratch building for outdoor is problematic in that finding an adhisive that will stand the test of time is still not available. One can get maybe 3 to 5 years out of a "outdoor use" glue, but the structure begins to fail in about that time; less time with the poorer glues and just days with some. Liquid Nails MIGHT be the best bet and even marine use glues don't stand the test of time it seems. Glue/cement/sticky adhesives have problems with moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and ambient tempreture. So far the most failsafe methods of joining pieces-parts for outdoor structures that will hold for 5 plus years are the old standards of nails, screws, nuts and bolts, rivets, solder, and wielding. Even screws and nails and nuts will back out/off due to constant temperature changes effect with material expansion and contraction. This happens in full size structures.
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    I use mostly Piko buildings = the detail is decent and they seem to hold up pretty well, although the glue included with the kits is lousy. I also use bird houses, which are easily modified. Quite often the same builder would build several houses on a street which were all idenical except for minor details. If you are handy with wood mixing in some stratch built items also works well. I recently saw some playschool buildings from their "Sweet Streets" series on clearance at a toy chain - The sizes of some were acceptable for the 10 foot rule, they were around $10 - $15.00 each. The colors leave something to be desired, but with weathering or repainting I may try a couple. Aristo has come out with a couple of G scale buildings, the station, and two depots are
    nice- the house seems a little large. Compared to Piko and Pola the prices are okay... Use as many buildings as use like, you can never have too many, or too few depending on where your RR is supposed to be- There is one layout I've seen photos of where the RR serves Helms Deep of L.O.R.'s- He did a magnificant job on it too! :wave:

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