Building Yoav Hozmis Kfir C-2

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by McTschegsn, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. McTschegsn

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    Started glueing again :) Will keep you informed about the progress... Actually I am working on the servo covers on the bottom of the wing... Neat little thingys which add quite realism to the marvellous model :)
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  2. McTschegsn

    McTschegsn New Member

    I am just working a bit on the servo actuator covers. Pretty neat details and the fit is great as always!
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  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Those bits and pieces really do add to the realism, especially with one that's as nice as yours is. The rivet counters will be looking for those! :)
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  4. McTschegsn

    McTschegsn New Member

    Shame on me for not answering this long time. Was pretty busy with R/C modelling as the weather outside was great almost all the time...
    Continued a bit on my Kfir. Actually mounting the Canards and the Servo actuator doors. Posting via mobile so I will provide some pictures later on...
    At least I am still alive :)
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  5. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    The last sentence is the most important!!!
    Nice to see you again.
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  6. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Hey, feel free to post our R/C adventures in our R/C section. I have two R/C Helicopters, they have collective and fly like real helicopters. I have done chandelles and the like. I have to spend more money to gets ones strong enough to loop. I also have a Trojan and SE-5 BiPlane Park flying airplanes. It's amazing how slow these things can fly. You can fly around with them in you back yard. I have around 4, maybe 7 battery packs, and always keep them charged. If you use the prop all the time, you get around 8 minutes of flight, but if you are smart, use the thermals and glide, you can stay up there quite a while, they can get away from yo if you aren't careful. You know how R/C flying can be stressful as you hate to crash these tings. I had a stick and wing plane I made with a 5 foot wingspan and .080 diameter piston motor. It had a 10 inch prop. It flew like the dickens, but one day I flew it, and the throttle servo jammed, and it went vertical, stalled, and came down with a vengeance. It completely destroyed the model. It was amazing to see the plastic iron sharing material shatter like glass and it come apart. I was with a few friends and they were also amazed. They were also shocked that I wasn't pissed. Seeing that plane crash the way it did showed me how strong the design was. Hard come, easy go! I like the electric planes, they are far more amazing. The State of Connecticut told me I would have to have a million dollar Policy to fly planes that big anymore, so that ended that. With the new Bind and fly controllers, you can buy once nice controller, and use it on many plnaes, or helicopters, boats too.

    I have a beautiful sloop R/C I have yet to build. It's a monster of a build. I made and gave one as a gift to a women who used to let me take out her 10 meter Pearson Yacht, and in those days,I could sail it single handily. I even used to set up a Blooper sail all by myself. I was nuts when I was young. She put the ship on her fire place mantle, I had customized the hell out of it, making a dingy out of fiberglass over a paper boat frame work I made, and I did it in front of her in her luxurious home, she was so fascinated. I used to date her daughter, but that ended and we remained close friends. I was young, and that was in the 1980's. I did not fully comprehend the nature of the friendship, someone let's you take out their $100,0000 dollar sailboat to play with! I used to captain the boat when she would want to take clients on sailing jaunts in Long Island Sound, a treacherous are that has and unfathomable amount of wrecks at her deep bottom.

    I was an awesome sailor.. Looking at the knot meter,, were were doing 3.5 knots, and I told the guy he had the sail too tight and to release the main line, he insisted I was wrong and I also told him the slider on the rail needed to be moved forward. I released the mainsheet, slide the traveler forward, and release the Boomvang, to allow the sail to form a proper airfoil shape, these people never looked an the tell tales on the edge of the sail. This boat had a 50 foot mast with a fully battened main sail, and a 1150 Genoa, with roller furling. When I was done adjusting, the ship went up to her full Hull speed within seconds, which was 6.5 knots, this shut up the CEO of a very large bank, who released the helm and promptly sat down.

    When he docked he asked me if he could pay for my services on his yacht. I told him that I was not available, as my interest lay elsewhere, and my sailing experiences were with my friend, and whomever she wished to bring along. The look on this guys face was amazing. I even swapped out the Yanmar Diesel engine, and did not charge her a dime. I use to rebuild the winches, torque the bolts on the 5'0" in fin keel, and generally maintain the boat. She gave me keys and told me to take her out whenever I wanted. One day I went there and the Bilge pump had failed. The assholes who ran the dock did not see the boat was 12 inches below her waterline, I went in and fixed the bilge pump and then used Clorox out the interior, getting rid of the bilge smell which can get quite stinky. She happened to come up the next day, shocked to find the windows open, I was airing the boat out overnight, then I told her what happened. She was generously grateful. This was a wealthy woman who shared her wealth, helped me out when I was in need, and told me, confidentially at the time, when she passed, all her wealth was going to designated charities, a couple which I helped her chose. Her daughter had the idea she was getting it. I told her she should tell her daughter, as that was a main reason why we broke up, she was a slacker. Sorry for the blathering. ;)

    My planes:

    SE-5.jpg Trojan.jpg

    My best flying copter with a crude body redo, it weight almost 2 grams less than the plastic body! This one flies the best, I put an aluminum swashplate which made all the difference :

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  7. McTschegsn

    McTschegsn New Member

    Finally continuing building this masterpiece of Yoav.
    Just fitted the Canards and the servo actuator covers. Now going for the rest of the fiddly bits [​IMG]
    Sorry for the bad lighting. We moved to a new location and I am still dealing with the light situation [​IMG]

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