Building: U.S.S. Wanderer Class

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ShadowHawk141, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    I just started the build of the USS Wanderer Class "Charleston" by Paragon.
    You can get the model at his website.

    First thing I did was edit the sheets in Paint Shop Pro and changed the colors contrast etc. to my personal liking.
    I printed the sheets on 180gsm art-paper which has a nice matt structure and doesn't absorb fluids easily.

    The first pics are from the main dish where I started the build.
    I made a small tweak to the topside and lowered a part of the front of the disk so you get a nice slope inwards towards the bridge.

    It wasn't hard, I just made three cuts and let the part drop down, then I made a small structure on the back or inside of the disk to fill up the sides.
    Then I used some extra printed textures to fill in the end of the slope towards the bridge to asume windows etc.

    I've made the lower dish according to the example pics on paragon's website. One of the two sidestrips of the dish is in place (without tabs Rogerio :mrgreen:).

    More pics to come when I progress.

    Thanks for reading and tips are always welcome.


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  2. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member


    I knew you could do it, man! FRACKING YEAH! Keep us posted, and please, a little more details on the bridge slope, I didn't quite follow it.
    And congrats on your work, I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  3. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    It's not much realy, I lowered part of the front section from the topside of the disk.

    Here are two pictures.
    In the first picture I lowered a piece of the fron section, I put a red box around it :)

    The second picture is a portion of the printed sheet where you can see that the disk is one flat piece.

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  4. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Oh, I've got it now... Is there a reason why you did that? Or were you just tuning the model up? Or is the "original" like that?
  5. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    It's just a small tune-up that I made up myself.

    I'm trying to learn as much as I can with this and upcomming builds so when I see an opportunity that doesn't do to much damage to the original model then I just try it and see how can make things work.

    I deffinatly won't be doing that to a model made by Uhu or whenever I start on the Star Destroyer made by Milleniumfalshood.

    Uhg I was still busy trying to tweak and upscale the ISD by Makino and then I stumbled on Milleniumfalshoods thread about Large Imperial ships including a fantastic ISD.

    So the tweak on the Wanderer was just my own idea and something I wanted to try out.
  6. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    That is awesome! I tried to build this model some time ago but somehow the pages came out in different scales. Nothing fit. I still don't know what went wrong. Maybe your thread can show me how it is done :cool: .

    I wanted to make this model because I am a big fan of the "Hidden Frontier" series, especially of the adventures of the "Helena". It is a fan-made Star Trek series with very good scripts, strong characters and stunning special effects. I definitely recommend watching it:

    "The Helena Chronicles", Cawley's "Phase II" and "Star Wreck VI: In the Pirkinning" are the best fan-made Trek productions I have ever seen.

    I was very glad that Paragon has developed this kit, but as I said, I was unable to finish the build because of the printing issues.

    Looking forward to your updates! :thumb:
  7. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member


    Thanks, man, now I understand. I thought you did it on your own, but needed the confirmation. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to building a model, so I don't tune it in any way.
    BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG, you're doing GREAT, it's just that I'm not so creative. :cry: BUT I AM CURIOUS, and I DO wanna know where this is going:twisted:. Please, more info AND pics!
    And keep up the GOOD WORK!
  8. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    I haven't had as much time this weekend as I hoped for but still I was able to get some things done.

    I've started the hull and placed the deflector in place.
    @Revell-Fan, I'm stumbling on some problems to, the hull part that surrounds the deflector doesn't realy match or either I can't see how it should match.
    I'll have to make some adjustments there but untill now I think I can manage.
    I'm not having any scaling issues though (not yet anyway).

    I also started with the back-end of the hull where the landingbay is possitioned, not that much done there though, it's a start. The parts aren't glued together yet, they first need some more adjustments.


    I went to the Hidden Frontier site and will watch some of the movies, I didn't even know of this project so I'm very curious, thanks for the link.

    As last, the picture of my progression.


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  9. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    As I said, I don't know if I made a mistake while resizing the pages. But all of them turned out in different scales. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. As for the movies, "The Helena Chronicles" and "Odyssey" are crossovers (as is nearly everything in the Hidden Frontier universe) and they are really exciting.
  10. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Hmmm... Intriguing... I wanna see some more, please...
  11. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    You are not alone..! :mrgreen:
  12. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Yup, this is shaping up to be a great model!
  13. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    I have been working on the Wanderer today but hadn't time to make pictures.

    There are quite some things that I have to adjust, or I don't understand the template. Some things seem attached backwards etc. and the connectioin part between the disk and the main hull don't match.

    I've been tuning and tweaking various parts and I think I'm going to make a whole new "neck" part. I've downloaded some pictures from "Hidden Frontier" where this ship is playing a role. They give me a pretty good view on how things should be.
    The placement of the weapons-pod on top isn't going to be excactly as in the films, I would have had to implement that earlier in the building process but I am going to alter it so it lines-up better.

    Also the impulse engines will get some repositioning.

    I hope to post some pictures tomorow.

  14. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    That's where trouble began for me, too. My neck part turned out way too big.
  15. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Keep movin' forward!

    Yo, ShadowHawk!
    Please, keep us posted and pretty please (with sugar on top:p) detail all your progresses.
    All the best!
  16. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    Okay next update.

    After hitting myself in the head a couple times to figure out how in carnation Paragon got this model to look as it does on his site I just took my exacto some glue bottles and started fidgetting.

    I got the main lower hull as good as finished and prepared for the finishing touches like coloring the paper edges etc.
    The part where the neck connects to the hull still has to be custom made though.
    It's been a pain to connect the hullplating to the deck, the backendpart with the hangar-opening stuck into the air so I enlarged that part to 125% of the original and cutted away what was to much. Now it fitted but there was still a lot of tension when trying to get the curves right (long live superglue to fixate glue edges realy fast).

    I also tweaked the topside of the disk so it matches the pictures I got from Hidden Frontier a bit more. The movie version has an incline or slope under the weaponspod so I lowerd that part of the disk.
    When I make my own custom neck I will extend it into the incline so that I can put the weaponspod on top of the extended part of the neck.

    Tomorow is my birthday so no building then, I hope to get some more done over the weekend.

    Cheers and all the best,

    Oh yeah
    Some pictures :)

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELKO!!!!!bday1balloon6aussie
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday. May all that you wish for come true for you on this very special day.
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    Happy Birthday.

    Good start in your design. :thumb:

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