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  1. mininote

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    I've downloaded the file from
    and start now the building of the model wich seems attractive and very detailed.

    Here's a report and some pics.
    I want to make the front window transparent. This makes the building of the ball really more challenging. I'll have to fix interior details too.

    The solar panels are a problem as they have a tendency to warp when they are glued on a cardboard plate, even after having dried flat two days under pressure between two thick dictionnaries.
    The quality and the rigidity of the cardboard plate is critical during this early assembly.You have also to decide if you are agree with the structural lines drawn on the dark panels, compared to the studio model details.

    Structural details of the solar panels have been just glued on thick paper to make raised details more consistent. Let's hope that gluing them on the main part will not cause more warping.

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  2. hpept

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    i've downloaded the model some time ago but didn't build it yet. Please go on posting new pics as the work progresses: i would like to see how the model comes out before building it. Thanks.
  3. mininote

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    TIE fighter cockpit assembly

    The ball assembly is less difficult than I thought but demanding as I have to prepare the front opening. Central strip of the ball (part 21) was glued reversed, with the back ahead and shortened so that I have my frontal opening without the part being cut in two halves. Make an assembly test "dry" before cutting the right length of the strip, as structual details are different on back and ahead and can't be used as cutting guide.

    The little seat and column are cute and assembly goes fine but needs extra care as the parts are tiny with a lot of folds.

    I've tested the skin given in the kit for internal side of the ball with interest but I'm not going to keep it, as I'm suspicious about the bright red colour, and I don't find here cockpit details seen in the movie. I'll fix geeblies around the seat myself. As usually, little will probably be visible when enclosed into the ball.

    A plastic ball taken out of a deo roller was used to apply gently pressure on glued stripes and shape the assembly well rounded.

    Circles of cardboard were glued inside the assembly to enforce the spherical shape. Check carefully that it doesn't make the fitting of pilot seat inside of the ball impossible.

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  4. Mace

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    Very nice pics!! Thnx for sharing this build with us.

    I also downloaded it a while ago, its nice to see how it al fits together.
  5. mininote

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    TIE Fighter

    Assembly of solar panels details this evening.

    Painstaking - NOT difficult - thanks to the model wich is really precise. I mean perfect.

    Gluing detail parts on thick paper was worth while to make raised details more consistent. Could have made them even more thicker.

    Don't cut all the parts before gluing as they have numbers. Details on various parts are different! Cut each one just when it's time to glue it.

    I have a bad feeling ... about the weight of finished panels, as they will be glued on tiny arms and pulling on the thin pilot's paper ball. Wait and see!

    Wet with glue means warping again. Will be drying tonight under the heavy good ole' dictionnary...

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  6. mininote

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    Tie Fighter

    A 4mm piece of cardboard is glued inside part 12 to make it solid as it carry the weight of the solar panels on lateral arms.

    About those "wings" again... very nice but a little... flat.

    I've been adding some structural details.

    About parts 13, I disliked the cut in the middle of the conical shape (that scissor symbol) to insert part 15.Totally.
    It doesn't stiffen anything and part 13 distorts all ways possible during assembly. Finally I didn't made the cut and simply glued external strips cutted out of 15 on each side of conical 13. Worked fine.

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  7. mininote

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    Tie Fighter

    Ah well. Here comes the mess. I've just understood why some details weren't fit on the cockpit ball. I confused back and front and have made the opening the wrong side. I can't read this user manual written in cyrilic and the schematic is quite confusing as it shows various possibilities of assembly. Be careful.

    Also... a shere is the typical "impossible fold" and dspite my efforts, this little paper ball seems pityful and fragile to me. I'm still not confident about it carrying the wings... As I don't want to waste the excellent effect of those panelss with a bad ball, I'm considering using this old christmas thing with cardboard raised structural details on it ...

    HEY! Who said "cheating"????

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  8. rwguess

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    your doing some really nice work there i have been wanting to do this model as well for some time i will be very interested to see all of the tips you create to make this model.
    heh since you are photo documenting this maybe you can make a english instruction manual for this model for us english users

    that would be a really nice
    in fact having a english instruction translation section on this site for popular model builds would be very interesting

    is any one interested n taking up this challenge?

    the hermit
  9. mininote

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    Tie Fighter

    Spent the night watching that Yavin Battle again on video.

    A red spot is lighting pilot's head for dramatic effect but cockpit itself remains blue-grey... Not bright red.

    Here's my effort to create a decent cockpit for the TIE.
    This is everything I can see beyond pilot shoulders.
    You can adapt it by cutting separately the various panels in order to glue them individually inside the ball.

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  10. rickstef

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    We used to have that on the old site, in our parts bin, english translations to polish or other languages.

    somewhere those files are, dunno where though.

  11. mininote

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    Tie fighter

    I've been checking pictures of Tie fighter movie studio models.

    I realise now that the solar panels were drawn the right way by the designer of the paper kit. I mixed up Standard Tie with Vador's Advanced Tie wich has panels with a totally different grid structure.

    You can see a "real" Tie here:

    www.Starship has extensive galleries for science-fiction studio models under "hardware reference" pages. Must see!
  12. mininote

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    Tie Fighter

    OK. I started working on that transparent ball. With the razor saw and rotating cutter from Olfa, I cutted out frontal opening and kept it to make upper hatch. The job is demanding as this transparent plastic cracks easily. I had to work really gently.Then I added circles of cardboard to start structure details of windshield and raise the hatch as the original one was on studio models.

    Root of lateral arms (part 29) is glued on a 5mm block of kodapack, a sandwich of foam and cardboard, to be more strong and stable.

    Schematic about the assembly of those arms is really minimal, but as you cut the parts, you can really figure out on the job how it works. Everything is fitting great as usually with this model, but it needs some care to be mounted straight.

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  13. mininote

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    Tie Fighter

    Assembly of the arms is done without trouble but with some concentration.

    Now I'm quickly finishing the paper ball to make my mind about this model. When assembly is completed it looks great, after all.

    This is a happy end for the model as it is proposed on the sheets!

    No flaws were found in this excellent and crisp model, and the designer approached really successfully the original design in shape as in details. Minor problems can be found in the rendering of few tiny geeblies but after all, anybody can add a strip of grey paper here and there by watching movie pics.

    What makes things challenging is opening the little ball to display internal details. Those given in the model are, sadly, quite unaccurate.
    As the assembly drawnings are minimal and compact, I also goofed in the building of the ball.

    Simply, I should have been working with both eyes wide open...

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  14. mininote

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    Tie Fighter

    With my completed model, I can have fun with Photoshop NOW.

    - "Enemy fighters! Mark!"
    - "Red 5, Move out! Split!"
    - "...Can't shake it!"
    - "GOTCHA!"
    - "Ooooch! Thank you, Wedge!"

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  15. Texman

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    Very nice! I'm not an SW expert, but it looks like a mighty
    fine TIE fighter to me. Thanks for sharing the build!

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    Can you post a link to that model? The other one doesn't work anymore and I want to re-print a few pages of this model.
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    The Force is strong with this one.
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    rapidshare is pirate link

    Jacware :wave:
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    You're a lifesaver! :D

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