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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by CNWman, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Wow... It's been really quiet on this thread lately... Guess I'll break the silence with my personal brand of pure silliness:
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    What type of cop car is that?
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    This one:
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    Today was when the boxcars finally left the repair siding, which meant whatever the reason they were there in the first place no longer needed them. This pic shows that reason:
    The Riverside's first steam engine since the 1950's (PRRman's On30's don't count, no offense), B&O Consolidation #2781 was presented to the railway as a (abeit late) Christmas gift today. The funny thing is, 2781 was transported largely intact, so what was the bunch of stuff for if the 2-8-0 didn't need 'em? Well, the metal cylnder was actualy a furnace (again, how it got in/out of the tanker is beyond me), and the bunch of levers and such were actualy a grab bag of spare parts for the now 8 total engines.
  5. PRRman

    PRRman Dum-Dum Pop Addict all that equipment and mysterious circumstances was a bunch of random crud to heat your living room with...SAY WHAT?!:rippedoff:

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    Dang, frogot to update the change in the roster. You see that steamer in the pic above? Well, one of the driving rods broke clean off, and I was going to take NO chances whatsoever of breaking it more while trying to fix it. Instead, I got a replacement engine:
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    *whistles* What a beaut! It's a shame that your first steamer's side rod broke, but this new one more than makes up for it!!!:goldcup::woot1:
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    That Cruiser

    You mean the GP9M? The Geep, a.k.a. PRR 9912, was the seccond unit in the train. You can see it in the pic with 4242. THIS is a cop car in 'disguise':
    [​IMG] More More than meets the eye... :)
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    Upgrading the RRR Freight Depot

    Guess it's time for another long overdue update:mrgreen: But first, a little history lesson...

    In 1940, just before WWII broke out, the freight depot was built to replace the old platform that had existed since the CNW originaly built the line, and had since rotted out. The new freight station then saw a ton of work almost imediatley, and has since proven its worth time and time again. How it has lasted 60+ years, however, is quite evident in these photos:

    So, why the HECK would I make a building look this crummy? The reason is that at the time of this building's construction, long before the table's creation, my dad and I thought this was PERFECTION:eek: at its finest. Now that time has past, the former pride of structures is long overdue for a makeover. I've begun with the roof:
    the left is the newly weathered roof, the right is untoutched. Here's some close ups:
    the right
    the left.

    The left roof looks better than the right roof to me, mainly because the right looks like either and army of birds had eaten alot of laxatives or winter was just leaving.

    Also, the Prarie Star Elevator is at last complete!:mrgreen:
    That door closest to the camera was impossibly fragile, with both door pegs breaking off (the doors are meant to swivel), and as the weathering test bed for the rest of the model, it was in pretty bad shape. Although now permamently open, the door fits right in:thumb:
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    Freight Depot is looking great CNW!!

    And the Grain Elevator looks awesome too :thumb: :thumb: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Keep the pics up :twisted: :mrgreen:
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    Super, Super, Super!
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