Building the Guild Fighter of Last Exile.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by theo, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. theo

    theo Member

    Building the work print is done, there were some things what went wrong.
    First one when printing the yellow went empty.
    So don't judge the colours.
    The second I draw the curves the wrong way in the tail section.
    But for the rest is was a nice thing to build.

    Dimensions: width 215 mm. length 200 mm. heigth ± 32 mm.


    Well wen I adjust the curve, I w'll post pictures building the final version.
  2. theo

    theo Member

    Well finally got some time to adjust that tail and put the first eleven parts.

    The model fits on two pages.

    Start with number 1 and skip part 4 until you add number 5.
    Part number 5 may be to long, but you know you cut it off.

    Finally glue part 10 and 11 so you get the claudia unit an glue the under body part on it.
    Yes on the first photo they are number 7 & 8. but not any more.

    The rest will follow later.:wave:
  3. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    I wonder why I didn't see this before now. This fighter is pretty cool. I'm anxiously awaiting the model. :thumb:
  4. Juckiz

    Juckiz New Member

    I really liked Lasto Exairu :mrgreen:
    Interesting design this fighter...
  5. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    Wow! Very nice. Is your design ? I always feel the series has a lot of potential for papermodels , not just the vanships.
  6. theo

    theo Member

    Ok, an update, but first,

    Well the tread is only a few days old, but thank you!
    When this one is build and there are no surprises it will be there.
    If I'm not mistaken I have to sent it to Ekuth so he can put it in the down load section.

    Yes indeed!

    Thank you to, yes it is. I did it just in Autocad in 2d old fashion layouts.

    The under side of the top section, wen it's all cut out fold the top flabs first then glue number 13 to the back of 12.
    Then the numbers 14 and 15, fold #14 in the long way and then cut the middle triangles off, beleaf me it's easer that way.
    Glu part #14 on #15.
    For #16 it's the same when you cut it out first fold it and then cut out were the gray parts #14+15 belong.
    Glu the parts #14+15 together on #16, but first one side of #15 then the outher side, than you glu #14 side by side.
    The same thing for # 16, side by side on #12.

    As you can see there still some work on the TOS-shutlle.
  7. theo

    theo Member

    It's done, well it was last week but the flue got me first.
    There were some small issues to be done but I can say it's done!
    For images see my album.
    And I just put the model in the download section so it shall be there any time now!

  8. 4eRega

    4eRega New Member

    Hey, it.s very cool!You have compiled Sivanla?


    Theo, sorry I missed this (by 4 years! URGH!) please accept my belated congrats on a nice model.
  10. theo

    theo Member

    Yes, I'm still alive!

    And live is busy on me, not a lot of time over for my self.
    The Sivanla is for now not on my list, I found a image of her on the net as a paper model.

    I'm drawing the Comet of Captain Future, and that is a very very slow proses.
    But wen I get there, and at sometime I'm going to build that ship.

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