Building the Argon Colossus - X3: Reunion(game)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by the4ce, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    I've always wanted to build a ship from X3: Reunion, now I have the chance.:rolleyes:

    I am trying to build a M1(cruiser) class ship its name is Argon Colossus(see the first pic.)

    The model will be a little complicated o build....OK, VERY COMPLICATED!!!
    If you see the second to fifth picture you will find out what I mean
    I am out of my mind by doing this:razz:

    Hmm...I wonder when I will finish to edit the 3D model? And I wonder how I will edit the engine?

    Anyway I hope you all like what I am doing.:mrgreen:

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  2. Nosports

    Nosports Member

    So at first one Question :

    How did you got the Model ?
    As with which programm do you work ?

    And to the papermodel.
    I find it easier to use such a detailed model only as refernce, but i start the model from zero and make the easiest part then later following the detailed way..
  3. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Beautiful looking ship and I really hate to say this, but it looks as if it were based on the Sulaco.
  4. It is very similar to the sulaco isn't it.:cool: Great looking ship anyhow.

  5. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    Thanks for he comments.

    Well its a little complicated but lets get on with it.
    You will need: X3 ModManager, X2 BOD Compiler(X2BC) and DBOX2(for DBOX2 you will need GMax or 3DS Max(note that with GMax you can't export any files))(you can find them here) oh...and you will need the game of course
    The next step is to open the .CAT files with X3 ModManager then export them into a folder. Now convert them with X2BC, go to "start"(WINDOWS users) and select "run", type "cmd" and press "ok" and for converting see this. And now inporting the model into 3DS Max/GMax: Open 3DS Max/GMax go to "customize" a window will apear and select "Tollbars" search the list till you find DBOX2, create a new button selecting new and then drag DBOX2 into the button, press the button and now I think you know how to import/export the model.

    I imported the model in Google SketchUp. And with the building again the model: well I don't realy know about this I prefer to edit the model...

    This is the first time that I seen this similarity.
    And it looks like Sulaco

    P.S.: Sorry for my gramar and spelling.:mrgreen:
  6. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    That ship will be a challenge to unfold for sure! The main problem is the complexity and the small detail. You will need to break it up into manageable pieces, and deal with the areas where model parts intersect. This won't work for unfolding!

    You will also have to look at areas where detail will be laid on top of hte hull, and make pieces for this too.

    The model will make a good start point, but will be no good for a simple 'unfold-print-make' job.
  7. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    Thats how I wanted to make. Thanks for the tip anyway:thumb:

    I have started disassembling two days ago but I posted yesterday because I wanted to see how easy is to edit the model.

    Here is some pictures of the edited model:
    Please do not jump to conclusions only when I finish the model.

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  8. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Looks great, --but you'll either need to make a really big model, or you're going to simplify it......... Eager to see how this one comes out:mrgreen:.
  9. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    I think "big" is the best word :mrgreen:
  10. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    What do you think about the simplification? It is good? Comment(for this piece). :)

    P.S.: I still need to work at this part.

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  11. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Man, if you get this finished, this'll be the first paperstarship I build....Aside from my past attempts :eek:
  12. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Its starting to look like a work of art!
    I haven't played EVE online yet, but want to see how it measures up to X3. My girlfriend gets very angry with me when I play X3 cuz I'll be 'out of service' for at least a couple of weeks when I play it! LOL
    It's my fave game ATM, so I'm following this thread with eagerness!
  13. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    I never could get X3 to work correctly. I even searched the forums looking for advice and it seems this is a buggy game and has some real issues with different video cards codecs and all that.

    I did get the intro and got the first stage to start and the graphics are awesome, but it wasn't worth the hassle to get running.

    Do any of you have advice on how to make the game work and not crash?
  14. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    What do you mean with "Aside from my past attempts"? You haven't find a great ship to build? If the model contains 100 parts do you still want to build it?:mrgreen:

    Its my favorite game to :) can't wait for X3: Terran Conflict.:mrgreen:
    I am glad you are interested in this. :)

    What computer do you have(processor, video card, etc)? I have Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 and it works.
    You are right X3 is verry buggy:cry: a lot of bugs and errors:cry:
  15. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    I've got three different computers that work and one in the garage awaiting a new mother board. I've tried this game on several systems and had trouble on every one. the main computer is a 4yr old Dell, but I've upgraded the mem, HD, drivers and bios, the card is an intel "Extreme Graphics" card and works great on everything else, except for some of the brand new games. For some reason I cannot get the most recent Direct X codecs to work. I've also Got a year old Dell laptop, the third computer is just above a Win 89 system, so it's only used to run 98 progs and games.
  16. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Of course! I'd build this ship if it had 100 pieces.....Actually, the ship I'm really looking forward to is Tars' pillar of autumn, which he still hasnt reported :( So I've retreated back to this awesome ship! Homeworld ships are abit to bright for me, I like the really really detailed big ships :D
  17. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    I sometimes miss the X2 Argon Nova. That ship fully upgraded was kickass! It reminded me of 'the last starfighter'.

    CJTK, I know X3 is EXTREMELY resource intensive, I found out that the "recommended PC specs" stated on the cover is actually the minimum. Being a 3D animator is a great excuse for keeping my home pc up to date and high, and I've never had any probs with X3.
    hmmm... maybe my game works because I have an AMD? :D

    4ce, You made my day posting the X3 (4) link! I was wondering when the next one will come! :) Thanx! BTW, will the procedure you used to get X3 models work for X2? Just still thinking of that Nova... :p

    Keep us posted on your progress with the Colossus buddy!
  18. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    System: 1.7 GHz or equivalent
    RAM: 512 MB
    Video Memory: 128 MB

    Be sure you have this requirements if you want to play X3

    I have a little problem with a part(see picture).
    Should I let it to be for about 1mm? Or try to remove it?:confused:

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  19. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    I don't want to drag this any further off track, but the one I built for my Wife had an AMD processor and Motherboard.

    I guess I'll keep the game handy for when I upgrade again, or someone makes a functional patch.

    Still, I will keep an eye on this thread as this ship looks like a very interesting build.
  20. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    I have a 3GHz sys with 1 gig mem, and my card is 128?

    I'm not sure about the part, but I think I would leave it.

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