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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by jnyoun, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I am going to post my construction on Gremir HMS Onslow (1/200). This is my first paper model. So, please don't expect a perfect building. I hope to get many knowledge and skills when I finish this building.

    First, I made a hull with 'Inkjet' printed papers. Unfortunately, I dropped some water on the bottom and tried to wipe it out. Since it is an ink-based printing, I ended up messing up the hull.

    This time, I am going to build it using 'laser printed papers'. I read in many postings that the laser printed paper will suffer from 'flake off' problem. However, after I compared the quality of 'color', I decided to try. I will also try to find a way to prevent severe 'flake-off' during this building.

    I will very appreciate any help, suggestion or comment, whatever.


  2. jnyoun

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    Here comes first picture. It was made of 'inkjet' based papers. Some of you already saw it. Yes, it is the old one with some water marks on the bottom. I wasn't satisfied with the result. So, I am going to try one more.
  3. jnyoun

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    I built the hull again. So far, so good.....:)
  4. jnyoun

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    The other side of the hull.
  5. jnyoun

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    Compared the hull with old one...

    So far, those two seems to be the same. However, it will not....:-D
  6. jnyoun

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    Now, ready to plant the bottom....
  7. jnyoun

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    Finished the bottom... Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with this. It is far from smoth... I accept this is my current skill level...
  8. jnyoun

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    One very interesting thing. LOOK AT THESE !!! The 'laser printed' version has superior crisp color... I like it... At least, I found one reason why I have to contine this building with 'laser-printed papers'. :)
  9. jnyoun

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    Although the bottom was not perfect, I decide to move forward. I added the side... This time, I changed the scheme because I wanted to differentiate with the old.
  10. jnyoun

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    Bottom View...
  11. jnyoun

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    After some thought to fix the smothness problem, I decided to paint the bottom. Well, the painting was not something I expected, but my skill level is still low. So, I thought it should be ok...

    I baught a spray paint at Walmart (cheap one). I was luck in that Walmart's red 'Krylon' spray was very close to the bottom color. It is a kind of 'shinny' as you can see in the pictures.
  12. jnyoun

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    This is another side (after coating with 'flat' clear). Well, 'red' paint mark !!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

    My 'masking' skill was not good either. I thought I covered all area. :-D

    Fortunately, this is fixable. I am going to add another layer of copy over this area with very thin paper later.
  13. jnyoun

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    I coated the surface with Krylon's 'Matte Clear'.


    Previous picture was already the coated one too...
  14. jnyoun

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    Here is the most amazing thing to me so far. It is the comparison between 'laser-printed' and 'inkjet-printed' versions. My Inkjet color printer is not that high quality. However, the difference is so amazing to me...

    Since I already coated the surface, I hope there will no the 'flake-off' problem up to here....:grin:
  15. jnyoun

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    Top plate attached....

    Upper: Laser-printed version (new)
    Down: Inkjet-printed version (old)
  16. jnyoun

    jnyoun Member

    At different angle....

    Left: Laser-printed version
    Right: Inkject-printed version
  17. Gregory Shoda

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    Looks good so far, but looks like your offerings of food and beverage to the card model gods are not working.

    You eat at your work desk, huh?
  18. Teamski

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    Very interesting thread! I'm working on my 1:200 Hood's lower hull, and your paint job on the Onslow is really informative. Thanks for sharing!

  19. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    The second hull looks mighty fine.
  20. jnyoun

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    I am working on kitchen table, I mean 'breakfast table'. It is easy to work there and convenient to eat if I am hungry while working. :-D

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