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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Go Big1, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I just realized this morning that I had posted a grand total of 99 times on this forum, with this post here being #100. While it's nice to get into triple digits, I realized that while I have learned A TON about model railroading in the past year or so from the fine folks that make The Gauge such a great place, I really haven't DONE a whole lot to further myself in the hobby. In the past year, I did buy a DCC controller, and some EZ track, and a couple of DCC locos and rolling stock. My kids (age 6, 4 & 2) loved the fact that I had put up a decent size oval, with a siding that they could switch out the 2 different trains. Their excitement was in "running the trains", which in turn gave me great joy as well. While making this jump was great, and certainly necessary, it did not fill me with any great pride, as I wasn't really "creating" anything yet.

    In the past year plus I also have played around with track plans...A LOT, and have many great ideas, but I don't have anything I feel comfortable enough with to move forward with construction. So as this winter approached, I decided I would start working on some structures. I know conceptually what types of industries I want on my layout, so I figured I would start making those industries. Well, here I am, halfway through winter (at least for Chicago we are about half way!), and I hadn't bought a structure to build yet. What was keeping me from getting something to work on? What was I waiting for?

    So, I just went to Walther's website, and pulled the trigger! I bought the Glacier Gravel model, and the Magic Pan bakeries. I know that I want both of these industries represented on my layout somewhere, and I love the look of both of them, so I feel that they were good purchases. Plus they were both on sale on Walthers website to boot!

    So, after a year+ of "listening" and learning from people on this website, I am finally going to build my first 2 structures. I think that when I get these buildings done, it may give me clearer ideas and direction for my layout (kind of like the domino effect). I hope I can get the structures built without any problems, but I am comforted by the fact that if I do have some, I can count on some of you to help out.
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    Great to hear that you took the plunge. Kit building is pretty easy. From my experience, you can fit many structures on many types of layouts based in many eras simply by changing a few details. So, even if you get one built, and later change your mind, you can usually alter the structure slightly in order to make it fit your needs.

  3. myltlpny

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    Take your time and break it up into small manageable steps and you'll churn them out like a pro. And above all, enjoy it. I love to build craftsman kits. It's relaxing...really.:thumb:
  4. eightyeightfan1

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    Just remember one thing
    First, it starts out building "straight form the box". Next, comes kitbashing, then scratchbuilding......
    You'll do fine. Remember to post pics.
    We love pics......
  5. ed acosta

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    Congratulations on your Walther's kits. I've built a few and I've spent many evenings building and detailing these fine kits.

    As a suggestion, I normally leave all of the cast plastic parts on the tree until you need them. You will notice that all of the windows, doors and trim are cast onto one tree, another tree contains the roof stock, and another contains the walls. I usually paint all of the parts while they are still attached to the tree. I often use spray cans for some of the common colors, and brush on the more unique colors. Once dried, break off each piece as you need them. Remember to remove some of the paint in the areas where they are to be joined. Don't use a lot of glue, but just a few spots. Plastic cement will work for most parts, but if extra strength is needed I always resort to five-minute epoxy. The final detailing and weathering is the best part of the process and requires a bit of imagination.

    Final note: save any unused parts and decals. The more spare items you save the bigger the wealth of items you can draw from to customize other kits.
  6. Go Big1

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    Ed, thanks for the suggestions. I am sure that I will get the structures in the mail, be all excited, open the box, and then have a "now what?" moment! I will be referring back to the Gauge to re-read a couple of "how to's" when needed.

    Oh, and I will definately post some pics.
  7. kokoracer

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    Just built my first IHC kit. The Colonial church, a bit more complex than some of the other structures, but still a good build for a novice like me!!
  8. Go Big1

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    Kokoracer, you need to post some pics of your first!

    I just got my 2 Walthers kits delivered to the front door on Friday, but had 2 birthday parties over the weekend (1 for my 2 year old, and one at a friends), so I haven't even had a chance to open up the boxes yet. :cry:

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