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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by tecnomuzik, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. tecnomuzik

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    Hey guys, I'm wanting to build an HO Scale restaurant but I've never built a structure. The real restaurant is a brick building and I have HO scale brick sheet paper. My question is what would be the best material to use for the walls of the structure? A friend of mine told me to use foam board. Do you guys think that would be wise or do you recommend something else? Thanks!
  2. nachoman

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    if the brick sheet is paper and you intend on glueing it to a stronger backing - foam board would work okay, except it may be too thick. illustration board (thick poster board), or even the carboard from a cereal box would probably work. You may need to use some square stripwood for bracing and to keep everything true and square.

    One tip - use rubber cement or contact cement to glue the brick paper to the wall. White glue or any other water-based glue will cause the paper to wrinkle and curl.

  3. tecnomuzik

    tecnomuzik New Member

    Thanks for the info. The brick sheet paper is peel and stick. This is what I intend on using for the bricking:

  4. Nomad

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    Tecno, I have tried foam board, and found it way to thick. Makes it hard to hide the edge corners where you glue the walls together. I use cereal boxes and laminate two or more pieces for rigidity.
    I hate to disagree with Kevin, but do not use rubber cement. It eventually dries out, turns to powder and your structure falls apart. I use white glue. If the paper is applied smooth and then weighed down for a few minutes it won't bow or wrinkle. Take a look here and you will see a building I made of cardstock and white glue.

  5. 60103

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    techno: look through the section "Robin at his best". Robin was an absolute wizard at building in card and you can get all sorts of tips from his work.
    If you're covering in brick paper, the actual material used for the backing doesn't matter as much as the use you make of it. You could take anything from cereal boxes to sheetwood to plastic to sheet aluminum; whatever you're comfortable with.
  6. tecnomuzik

    tecnomuzik New Member

    I appreciate all the tips guys. Thanks! I think I'll look for some material other than foam board.

    Is there any certain thickness you guys would recommend?
  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    If you are interested in foamcore board, take a look at Ken Spranza's Home of's more than just trains -> look for the clinics. He has one on building structure "carcasses" with foam board, and then covering them with whatever skin you want.

  8. tecnomuzik

    tecnomuzik New Member

    Andrew: Thanks for the link. I looked through the clinic info and found it very helpful! I went and bought some foamcore board today and have begun building. :thumb:

    Thanks for all the info & tips.

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