building a model or rc helicopter, plane???????

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Praveen S, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Praveen S

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    hi, can anyone tell me some websites that explain very well on how to build your own rc, model helicopter, plane. if tehre are anyone out there who have done it already, how much would it cost? pls mention what currency you are talking about. if anyone know how to build and how to choose the right parts. pls help. thanks in advance.
  2. yobarrabas

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    There are KITS for just about everything you can think of. Just buy one and build it.Anything decent, regardless of if it's a boat or a plane or a helicopter, will set you back about $1000 U.S.D.
  3. steamhead

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    I'm not sure where Yobarrabas buys his stuff...A beginner's airplane ARF, with radio equipment and electric motor can be had for anywhere from $150.00 to $250.00. You can spend A LOT more if you wish...but we're talking entry level here. Get yourself a couple of model airplane magazines and read what is suggested for beginners and look at the offerings from the different suppliers.
  4. TALL G

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  5. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I agree, buy some magazines first, you mentioned plane and heli. 2 diffrent animals needing diffrent gear. After the mags, decide which way you want to go, find a local field if possible to get someone to help train you. Otherwise lots of crashes in the future...hobby shops have lots of starter gear, kits, rtf and arf's (ready to fly and almost ready to fly. DO you really want to build or fly or both? If you build and build wrong, it may not fly...magazines will give you ideas which way to go. Check out hobby-lobby, they have some begginers info and nice kits etc. . .Good luck!
  6. Dancooper

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    Hi, I can't give you much advice on airplanes, but helicopters, that's something different.

    First you need to know what kind you want, where do you want to fly with it, how much money can you spent on it ?

    Are you looking for an indoor helicopter that you can use in your livingroom ?
    If that is the case, your best option is to buy a so called "coaxial", those helicopters have two contrarotating rotors on top and no tail rotor.
    Thay are relatively cheap (ranging from 90 to 250 dollar), easy to fly and hard to destroy. They are also very easy to work on if you want to mod them or if you need to do any repairs. Some names to google for : E-Sky Lama V2, V3 and V4, Graupner G47, Twister Medevac, Blade CX (the most expensive one since it uses the new 2.4 Ghz technology)

    Alittle more daunting, still indoor (but you need a lot more room) are the so called FP helicopter, again the price range is from about 100 to 250 dollar. These are more like the real deal, meaning they have a main rotor (with fixed pitch) and a separate (motor driven) tailrotor. As with the coaxials, they come RTF, including transmitter. These micro helicopters are more difficult to master due to the fact that you now have the tailrotor to control. Although they look more complex at first sight than the coaxials, they are still easy to work on and since they have a little parts count they are almost equally crash resistant as the coaxials. Names to google : Century Honney Bee FP, Walkera Dragonfly 04, Twister FP...

    Again one step higher is the CP micro heli, basicly they are the same design as the FP's but with one more function ; the Collective pitch. Most of the above FP's can be converted to CP. As for the ease of flying ; some say they are a little easier, others say they are more difficult as the FP's, the thing is that a CP has a higher headspead, which should make it a little more stable. The price range is somewhere between 120 and 250 dollar. The same names as above to google except for the Dragonfly 04 which is only available in FP.

    The next step brings us to the "real" Rc helis. Where the above helicopters had a tailrotor that was driven by a separate little motor, the next ones have their tailrotor driven by the main motor, either by belt or by rod.
    This class of helicopters usually are not RTF and a separate package of electronics needs to be purchased (with the exception of some brands).
    Price range from 250 dollar up to 1000 dollar.
    Names to google : Walkera 36, Align T-Rex, Century Belt CP, King V2, Twister 3D, SMJ-400, MX-400...

    These were the electro micro and mini helicopters, if you want a gasser helicopter, the price range is somewhere from 800 to 3000 dollar depending on what you want.

    However, before buying one of the above helicopters (with the excepter of the coaxials) I would advice you to buy a good simulator (Phoenix, Reflex, or another decent one), they don't come cheap (around 200 dollar) but it will save you a lot of money because you will crash your rc helicopter a lot less if you have learned it on the computer before actually flying it. I would not advice to use FMS (a free rc simulater) to learn on, it's fun but the flying is not realistic at all.

    I hope this ansers at least part of you question, and it might be usefull for others as well...

  7. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Great writeup there Dany, thanks for that, it cleared up a few things i'd been unsure of for a while now.

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