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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Saddletank, Oct 19, 2006.

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    I am accesorising some IHC 'Canadian' steam locomotives. Any suggestions on where to get HO builders plates and also how to mount them?
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    Nice to see you here, Saddletank, and a formal welcome to the Gauge.:wave:
    Precision Scale Co. makes builders plates, in brass, but only for Alco or Lima. The Alco plates are rectangular, the same as Canadian affiliate Montreal Locomotive Works. The Lima plates are diamond-shaped, and Baldwin's, whose plates are not offered, were round. Canadian National owned, either directly or through subsidiaries, locomotives from ALCO, Lima, and Baldwin, so those plates could be useable. I'm uncertain as to the shape of the builders plates of the Canadian Locomotive Company, or either CPR's Angus shops or CNR's Transcona.
    If you know the shape of the builder's plate that you need, you should be able to fashion something from .010" styrene, put a bit of a curve into it, so that it conforms to the curve of the smokebox, then glue it in place using styrene cement or CA. In HO, the lettering is pretty small, so its absence probably wouldn't be noticeable.
    Precison Scale parts are available through Walthers. The catalogue that I took the info from is dated 1995, but they should still have them.
    The ALCO plates are 585-31136, and the Lima plates 585-31138. The price, in 1995, was $4.50 for a set of 10, of either type.

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    Micro-Scale has decals of EMD and GE builders plates in HO. The number is MC-4056.
    They are currently out of stock. Might check one of the on-line LHS's or Walthers.

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