Builders model HIJMS Kongo !

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    Hi Guys (and girls);

    I have a very bold question ! There are some beautiful Builders models in the Dock Museum in Barrow-in-Furness.
    My question is, I am extremely interested in the Builders model of the Japanese battleship KONGO, and would like to have some Hi-Res pictures of the model. I am planning to build a scale 1:200 model of KONGO in this configuration. Taking pictures would be difficult because of the glass case around the ship, but there are ways to get around this, for instance taking pictures with the help of a circular polarisation filter or if not using a filter taking pictures at a angle to the glass, so that you have as less as reflection as possible, in this way using a flash is also possible. I would like to take the pictures myself, but for some reason it is impossible for me to do !! :(
    Hope some of you are able to go to the museum and take some pictures for me ! Or maybe you have been there already and took pictures of HIJMS KONGO.


    John Dohmen.
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    Are you speaking of the 1937 refit, the 1944? You have to be specific. There are tons of line drawings and pics on the Web of this ship. If you do not use a CAD program, pictures will yield an inaccurate model. I have made enough hulls from line drawings and hull profile pics to know that you need good software to produce a decent model, or a good set of French curves , compass and square. Start searching on the web, I did a 2 minute search and found much. Model design takes much research the designer must take upon himself. Only you know which pictures and drawings will suit your purpose. Without knowing how you design models, it would be hard to find what you need, even if standing in front of the model in the museum.
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    Hi Zathros,

    Building a (scratch) model is not a problem, look here:
    I did already some scratch builds. My only question is (was), if someone has visited the Dock Museum in Barrow and took some clear or High Res pictures of the KONGO model. I know there is a lot out there about the KONGO class battleship, and I already downloaded a lot of pictures from the net, but I'm interested in the Builders model of the ship because it represents the ship as it was when launched in 1913.
    The Museum itself has only one (1) pictures displayed on their website. I also made some 26 screenshot pictures from a Youtube video of the Builders model, but they are not that sharp, but without anything else, I could do with them, they are still a big help. I also have already a Frame plan of the ship as build, so the next thing will be starting the build in scale 1:200. I only was hoping that someone on the forum already did visit the museum and took some pictures, there are already several galleries on the internet from other ships displayed in the museum. So I would like to keep up my question a little longer and hoping for that one soul, that maybe made a few nice pictures of the more than 4 meter long Builders model.

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