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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Bowdenja, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Well it's hit me. I can not finish a model to save my life. I start them....... mess something up and poof!........ I'm shooting waste paper balls at the can.

    Is this something you guys have gone through or am I just being too critical?:cry:

  2. modano1

    modano1 Member

    I have yet to ever finish a model. I get to the last stages and just let them sit and eventually throw them away. I guess it is just something mental, I have this thing about finishing them (maybe my inner self, does not think that they are good enough for finishing, I dont know?). I currently have the SR-71 sitting on my TV, just waiting for the last 3 steps to complete it (maybe 30 minutes worth of work). I keep telling myself I will do it tomorrow, but I just never get to it. My wife will probably chunk it during this next patrol. I have promissed myself that during this patrol, I will finish (fully) a ship and an airplane "and that is a promise!!!!"
  3. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    It's not just you.
    I've got a few I've set aside for a while.
    I have a few I view as 'long term' and intentionally only work on occasionally, storing them in light proof containers in between.
    And then there's the growing stack of my designs, printed out and ready to build.
    When I get to them.
    Nope. Not just you.:cry:

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy John,

    Welcome to the elite club of "your own worst critic" we dont really "meet" as a group, we usually only come around while we are in the process of building something.....then for some reason, we feel that building card models will make us better NBA players.
    I have done the same thing many times before. "You are your own worst critic". <<<<<< just remember that.

    "He shoots.........HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!"

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  5. EricGoedkoop

    EricGoedkoop Member

    Hell, I haven't finished a model in over nine months now - and it's not for lack of starting. Too critical of my work, too ambitious, too eager to try things that I should know won't work out in the end.

    Glad you brought this up, John. It's been really getting to me lately and it's good to know I'm not the only one.
  6. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member


    Been there done that and I’ve have the T-shirt.

    I’ve had builders block since late January but the good news is that I’m starting a new build and will endeavor to post photos. As for unfinished models I have my share I have a Modelik SdKfz 234 Puma on my bench I call nag one of these days…..

    What I need to remember is my modeling motto “good in nuff”

    Jim Nunn
  7. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    I think my signature says it all, only in my case it's mostly design projects. But I can only rarely finish models. Take Airwolf for example, the "In The Lair" model is missing most of the pushrods for the rotors and the chain gun barrels on the left side and about 6-10 other really minor parts that I just can't bring myself to finish putting on. I have however made fairly good progress on my Corsair in the past couple of days and maybe in a month it'll be ready for a test build, maybe.
  8. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    I have nearly a dozen "currently building" models sitting on my shelves. I started the ModelArt F-15 probably 6 years ago. I started the Halinski Su-27 a few years ago. Neither one are even close to being finished. You know that really cool free Mitsubishi FTO on the internet?.....the front end is sitting on my self right above the yjmr Mclaren. The fuselage for the GPM FW-190 has been sitting right above my computer monitor for about a year now. I guess the only difference between me and you is that you toss your unfinished models away. I simply label them "projects" and tell my mom that she can't throw them away because I'm waiting until I have more experience to come back and finish them.
  9. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    I can understand, John. This is most likely why I like 'em tiny! Only one page (if that) worth of parts...any more than one page and they better have instructions !!!
    Don't feel too bad and don't be to critical, Everyone! Card modeling is perhaps the most difficult craft I have ever undertaken even with instructions. You may have noticed when I photograph my models, I usually only show one side (the best side).
    If you are looking for museum quality from your cardmodels, keep trying, but don't give up just because your build does not make "picture of the week". And "stop throwing them in the wastebucket ...find someone to tell you that you can NOT build a specific model and I bet it will be done in minutes !!! That's how I was able to build the J3 Cub from F.G. so...
  10. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Hooda Thunk

    Er, You're supposed to finish them? Egads that is depressing...,

  11. Texman

    Texman Guest


    As part of this support group, I am pleased to tell you that you have
    completed the first step of your recovery, admitting you have a problem!
    Any time you feel the need, just post a note, and any of us eligible can
    play the part of your sponsor, and talk ya down! Here's your first coin.

  12. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    It might be this time of the year....

    Im at the 20% stage of an R/C Yamato just not thinking it ordering the little pieces from the same place one at a time...(3 orders in the last 2 months that have held up the whole thing till I get them....I should have had them 4 months ago when I got the props and shafts...)

    Well all try n get through.....

    John John
  13. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    And I thought it was just me... what a relief
  14. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    I used to find with plastic models I would paint something badly near the beginning but carry on anyway then when I got near the end I would not want to finish it becuase I knew it would never look right. I don't have this as much with paper models although I started the Webdudes Dino crane and made a mess of it and haven't wanted to finish it.
  15. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    At Least It's Good for the Environment

    Let's look on the bright side. Just get a paper shredder and a compost pile. Any time a model goes awry for some reason and it becomes obvious fairly early that it will never be finished just insert it into the shredder. The worms in the compost pile just love the stuff and it makes for some of the best "garden muck" around. So in reality you didn't really quit making the model it's just that the Earth worms were hungry...,

  16. angevine

    angevine Member

    If I ever finished a model i'd then get bored starting them... Then I would be back to being stuck not finishing them because I hav'nt started it!

    Oh god my eyes have crossed! I think i'm having a fit!
  17. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Well Tex the coin arrived today..........Thanks. My name is john..... and I'm a frustrated paper modeler.

    Gil.......... I think I'll start selling all the worms that I'm able to feed from my do-overs! Maybe I can pay off my boat sooner.

    Jim......... I need another T-shirt all the ones I've got left have glue all over them......... and mysterious slashes.

    thewoodengraver........ I have scaled down but not to the micro size you and texman do........ I've got enough aggravation:grin:

    Thanks guys........ I was hoping that I wasn't alone in my problem, and the old saying about comfort in numbers is true.

    I'm not gotten to the point of NOT starting a model, I've just started Rob's F-100F, and have a complete fuselage! Yeah! So there is hope for me yet.

    I guess I just need the proverbial "group hung" and told to "buck up" and get back at it.

    Maybe I'll finish the Hun and post a pic............. only of the good side though!

  18. cardmodeler

    cardmodeler Member

    Unfinished kits

    I had the same difficulty back when I built plastic models, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, so to speak. The problem was that right in the middle of building something, I would go to the hobby shop and of course, find some kit that I couldn't live without, immediately losing interest in the one(s) that were in the building process. Now I have large storage boxes full of unbuilt and partially built kits just gathering dust. I hate to just toss them, but I am about to that point. Oh, well, if I don't finish a model completely, I generally have learned something new during the building process, as far as it gets, anyway. Sorry, I'm rambling...I've been sniffing the Wiccoll again...

  19. 46rob

    46rob Member

    John--come on down and help me finish some of my projects--got time to try my latest endeavor?--I'm already getting tired of building it and I haven't even done the landing gear yet. Heck-- I must have drawn fifteen different canopies for the beast before I got one I really liked--just really minor tweaks. Just finsihed re- working the fuel tanks, again, too. I've got half dozen designs, all languishing on my desk in different stages of build.
  20. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Just had a brain-drizzle. It seems each of us get stuck at a certain point in construction. What would happen if several of us for ha's got together and just built one part/section of a moderately complex kit. Kind of "the pyrimid game" for paper modelers. Then send them off to someone to assemble the parts. For relative ease, it could be a downloadable kit, you'd have to take into account various color differances, or just one of the preprinted kits. Anyhow's John, clearly you are not alone.

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