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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by dkopko, Jun 3, 2002.

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    I will apologize in advance. I know very little on the subject. I was searching for a fathers day gift when I came upon this site. (Very Nice by the way) I am looking for any advice. I would like to purchase some sort of build your own locomotive &/or something to that affect. My father has been collecting Lionel for years and loves building detailed model (remote controlled) planes, boats ect... I was hoping to combine the two. He has made a living as an electrical engineer so, he know's his stuff. What is out there??

  2. BDC

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    I know that Intermountain makes do-it yourself kits in HO. There are some other makers out there, but they either want several hundred bucks for an all-metal kit or are so small they don't have a website. I have no clue how the IM locos run though. That particular scale is much to Horribly Oversized for me! :p
  3. Tyson Rayles

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    Does your father have a layout to run the loco on? If so what scale is it? If not what is he going to do with it after it's built? If its not going to be run but just sit on display I would look for a O or On3 (narrow gauge) loco (it would be bigger). You could also consider giving him a starter garden railroad set (LGB probably), these are durable and easily adapted to remote control. The Locos usually come ready to run but there is still a lot of detailing you can do to them to increase the realism. You can also find live steam kits that will run on the same track. Whatever you do good luck, times running out! Welcome to the Gauge by the way!! :D
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