Build Your Own Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle

Discussion in 'Dream Kits & Wish Lists' started by ImperfectSense, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. ImperfectSense

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    Asking for a scan of a selling book is like asking for stealing....

    Maybe the price the seller want or need is not the fair price you have in mind.

    i suggest to overtink this again, because...

    if the desingerns are not going to get money, they don't have a living, they need an other job, so there are no models anymore......

    And if you work on a scaned and then printed model you tend to spend much much much more time and money to get it out properly of your printer, because you need to check the coloers, the scan itslef may be out of square, and then the same to print it....
    (it just don't hit you at once.....)

    Beside i have a hint, i may guide to the disneyexperience......
  3. ImperfectSense

    ImperfectSense New Member

    It's not stealing from the designer or the publisher, and here's why: This book was published in 1982. Every copy of the book that was published has already been sold at retail, and the publisher and designer have already reaped all of the profit they ever will from it (they only recieve a commission on the initial sale of a book, not on sales of used copies). They will not recieve one cent of the transaction were I to purchase a "used" copy. Therefore, whether I purchase a used copy, or whether I ask someone to send me the scans, the only way the designer would see a dime is if I mailed it to him.

    Mailing money directly to the author/designer/director/composer is something that I have actually done a couple of times in the past. Tracking them down can be half the fun, and generally if I mail them a couple of bucks, that's way more than they would have gotten from the original retail sale of their book/movie/music. However, the only address I have found for Alan Rose is a condo that is currently for sale (235 E. 22nd St., NYC 10010), and he apparently moved out of it somewhere around 2005-2006. I have yet to locate a more recent address or contact for him.
  4. allhallowseve

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  5. ImperfectSense

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    Thank you :)

    I have seen that kit around, and may indeed build it while I'm waiting to find an affordable way to acquire Alan Rose's book, but I definitly still want the Build Your Own Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle. It's a far better and much more detailed model, and being an engineer I'm all about accuracy and perfection ;) I was also a Florida resident for about 7 years, so I saw the Castle a *lot* and my Mom currently works at Disney (she's a huge Disney fanatic, and she's also the person I want to build the Castle for).
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